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  • Quote of the Month: Imagination Will Take You Everywhere

    Tweet As a kid, I used my imagination A LOT. Always making up new stories, new games. I had imaginary friends. I was often playing alone, but I never really was by myself! 😉 It is true, however, that most people loses this capacity growing […]

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  • Is “Pay Yourself First” a Cliché?

    Tweet I’ve heard the “Pay Yourself First” cliché so many times that I have seriously started to doubt the process. It sounds so simple that is becomes unrealistic. I always thought that money has to come from somewhere no matter what you decide you do […]

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  • A Family of 5 With One Car – Extreme Frugality or Common Sense?

    Tweet Back in January, I was just coming back from my vacation when my debt level surged. This was a result of a bad combination of investment in the home daycare, clothing for kids, activities for kids, municipal taxes and my credit card statement from […]

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  • Life… Differently

    Tweet   Over the past couple of months, I’ve changed a lot of things in my life. First, my wife started a daycare at home. Then, I made some important changes in my lifestyle, I’m getting more toward a Sweden’s lifestyle. #1 I sold my RX-8 […]

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  • How to Work With Minimalist Kitchen

    Tweet There’s a feeling of freedom in getting rid of clutter, and that goes for your kitchen, too. With an endless supply of food-related tools available, it might seem like you never have a fully stocked kitchen without adding all those extras. But for most […]

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