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  • Moving to be More Minimalist

    Tweet Is it only me who reacts to the grayish November by looking at other homes? I don’t really why I do so as I’m pretty happy where I live and don’t expect to move quite soon. I guess it only brings in the color […]

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  • Harald Seiz: Application Options of Gold

    Tweet   Wealth diversification allows you to enjoy multifaceted benefits of your assets. While some paper derivatives are quite limited, gold and other precious metals offer a myriad of value propositions. Learn about just a few of the many application options for the gold metal. […]

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  • The 6 coolest lawyers in pop culture

    The 6 coolest lawyers in pop culture

    Tweet Late at night when contract lawyers up and down the land are stuck in windowless, basement rooms, poring over the tiny details of the next big deal, it can seem like a million miles from the glamour of the most well-known lawyers in the […]

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  • The Road to Buying Your First House Can Be a Real Obstacle Course

    The Road to Buying Your First House Can Be a Real Obstacle Course

    Tweet   Buying a first home is a milestone in most people’s lives: an event to celebrate. These days, even having a ghost of a chance of breaking into the housing market is a minor victory. But actually qualifying to buy a home is another […]

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  • Minimalist Lifestyle – Short Essay

    Tweet   What it is People are unnecessarily complicating the lives thinking that they cannot survive unless they are in constant competition with friends, family and colleagues. The reality is that most of our forefathers have existed with significantly less than what we have today […]

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