Packing for 5 Weeks in Asia

Here you go as promised!

My final packing for 5 weeks in Asia. I changed a couple of things but the concept is still the same.


Click on the image to make it larger.

I am thinking of getting rid of one of the dresses, so imagine slightly less.

It all fits into one bag that is a carry-on size and that’s it.

I hate checking any bag in, I hate carrying heavy bags, and if I wasn’t on such long flights (15 – 24 hours) I wouldn’t bother packing my Bose headphones.

I know we can buy toiletries there, but if I can avoid paying, I will, so I bring minimal toiletries that I know work great on my skin without making me break out.

I also know what you’re thinking — why a dress and makeup?

BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW. You just never freaking know.

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