Organizing Kids’ Stuff and Stay Organized!

It doesn’t take so long once you become parents to accumulate babies and kids’ stuff. Decluttering is of course the first part into getting organized. Toys and clothes that didn’t get used for over 6-12 months (6 months is like eternity into a child’s evolution) can go away. The only case in which holding it all can be justified is because you’re expecting to have more babies. Still, there are some things you can get rid of (too used, broken, not useful, etc.).

Once you’re done with the dumping (selling, giving) part, it’s time to get organized!

You may have access to empty bins, shelves, baskets, boxes, etc. Sort them out. If they’re all used, consider going through what they hold and declutter them as well. If you didn’t use that stuff in the last year, there’s no point keeping it.

In case you have none, go ask to your relatives and see if they would get rid of some. You’ll save money on buying organizers that way.

Be Creative!

There are hundreds of ideas out there for you to use! There’s no obligation into buying plastic bins at the store or getting into renovating your whole house to get some shelves installed! Pinterest is to me THE place to find creative inspirations, but let’s share some over here!

Second-Hand Stores, Antiquity Sell-Outs or Garage Sales

These are places where you can find old wooden boxes or bins for cheap and use them into for your storage in the play room. A little paint and you can get a cheerful look to it that your kids will just love! Get them pined on the walls so they can reach it (or not, depending on what they hold) and I’ll guarantee you’ll get an instant impact.

Jars, Cans, Suitcases, Commercial Wrappings

For small toys like cars, barbies stuff, necklaces pearls, hand-crafting materials, Lego, etc. jars and cans can be a smart option. Cans fixed higher on the walls will prevent the younger from getting in touch with things too small for them, while jars with a cover can prevent babies from opening them. I also like the fact most jars are transparent so you can instantly see what’s inside. If your organizers are not transparent, don’t forget to identify them so you quickly know what each holds.

Bigger toys or even clothes can be stored or organized in old suitcases or commercial wrappings like diapers boxes, containers, etc. You can even make end tables from suitcases!


Do not hesitate to transform them a little to get a brand new style!

Garage Storage

For all the items that you won’t used anytime soon, but you still got to hold, (ex: babies stuff for the next kids, seasonal clothes, toys or activities, etc.) garage ceiling is an intelligent alternative. Shelves and mezzanines are definitely a good way to start organizing your storage space in your garage, but I also found this idea on Pinterest that I particularly like.

I hear some of you: “But I don’t have a garage!”

The same ideas can be optimized for storage in rooms ceiling, your house’s under roof or even the garden cabin.

Keep it Simple

All that being said, keep it simple and appropriate for your needs. If creative ideas seem hard work or too heavy for you, there’s no fault going for the classic plastic bins found in any supermarket. There are plenty of all organized storage solutions with baskets you can easily pile up together. Good thing is, they often come down in sale or are offered for a decent price. If saving really is a concern for you, there are plenty of ways to find the exact same ones second-hand.

Do not hesitate to incorporate some designed ones into your set-up so your room still gets some style.

In any case, before getting into a store to buy organizers, make an inventory and evaluate your needs (measuring can surely be a good idea!). Always consider buying less than more so you can go back if really needed. Else, you might be tempted to keep more belonging just because you have “space” for storage.

Staying Organized!

The key to me holds in pretty much two things:

1- Putting things back where they come from

That looks like an obvious one, but it’s easier said than done, especially with kids. There’s probably not an infallible trick to achieve that with your children, but I’d say the best way is repeating it so it becomes a routine to tidy up their toys and other stuff in the right place. Of course, you can help them at first, especially if your child is under three. As they get older, you can supervise the results and help once in a while but let them do most of it.

To prevent them from seeing cleaning-up as a huge mountain to climb, learn them to put a toy where it belongs before grabbing a new one.

2- One in, one out rule!

Another thing to consider into keeping children and play room organized is to apply to one in, one out rule. Everytime a new toy or piece of clothe comes into the room, one has to go out. It can be to put it in a long-time storage like the garage if you plan on using it later on, but it can simply be to get rid of it so you don’t accumulate too much. That way, decluttering will eventually become lighter to achieve and also a lot faster to be done with.

Any other tip that has worked well with your kids? How do you get their stuff organized?

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