Organizing Jewelery Part 1

This seems to be a common problem with a lot of women. Myself included.

Organizing jewelery can be a trying task, when you take into account the breadth of earrings, necklaces (chunky, delicate and maybe precious), bracelets, and rings!

So I thought I’d do a picture-filled post on different ways you can organize what you have.

Some of the ideas below showcase your jewelery as art on display, which always makes my heart flutter, because it’s not just decoration for decoration’s sake — I can use the items too!

Traditionally stored in tubs or other vessels

Tea cups of different colours and sizes are used here.

Earrings hung on the rim

Or actual necklaces in the middle of each bowl to be showcased and ready.

Ice cube trays — I am sure you have an old one lying around somewhere.

Great for storing rings and earring pairs.

I personally used bead boxes for $5 — actual photo of my jewelery below.

Or maybe an old thrifted glass platter with curved sections?

How a bout jewelery in bowls or metal tins?

I get a lot of pretty tins that I never know what to do with, and they end up holding jewelery.

More ideas. Saucers, cups, clear dividers in a drawer and platters.

Another wooden beadbox.

Jewellery hanging on branches

I rather enjoy the look of this.

As long as I don’t poke my eye out reaching for something.

It’s also cheap — just go scrounge in the woods for nice, long pieces with little hanging bits.

The only problem I see, is trying to get an item from way at the back. You have to remove everything from the front first!

Could always buy some plastic coral.

Or have it alongside your other options, to give the jewelery some display time.

And far be it from being messy or very un-minimalist as it were, when you keep the colours neutral, it can be quite pleasing.

Or keep it simple and don’t overwhelm the branches.

These branches were painted a shiny patent black, arranged into a tin, and then cemented in so they wouldn’t break or move.

How about a stunning candelabra instead?

Or this one is made out of high gauge wire.

Framed can also be a beautiful piece of art

This lady hung her jewelery using Ikea fabric in the back of an Ikea shadowbox frame!

And she hung it up beside her other pieces.

This is a cutlery organizer, painted, wallpapered in the back, with cute little knobs.

Each piece is displayed and hangs beautifully.

Another shadowbox frame idea.

I like this one because it looks quite deep, deep enough to hold little tubs.

And yet another.

Another Ikea frame solution.

Or hang it in a frame with a bow.

Next: More jewellery hanging and display options

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