My top 15 Essential Kitchen Utensils

  1. Spatula
  2. Tongs
  3. Large Spoon or Ladle
  4. Strainer/Colander
  5. Grater
  6. Kitchen Knife
  7. Masher
  8. Peeler
  9. Sifter
  10. Can Opener
  11. Measuring Spoons
  12. Measuring Cup
  13. Food Scissors
  14. Food Scale
  15. Juicer

Of course I have more than 15 items in my drawers, but those are the top 15 I NEED to cook and bake on the fly.

As for everything else like a silicone spoon, funnel or ice cream scoop, I could figure out a way to do without.

What are your essentials?

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