My Minimalist Exercise Plan

There have been periods in my life in which I was not that active, although I’ve always liked to be. I’m glad to notice that it’s been about three years that I would now really consider myself to be an active person. I never paid for a gym membership or spent a lot of money on exercise. I chose to “train” in a minimalist way. I worked out mostly at home or in the neighborhood with equipment that I already owned.

Spinning Bike

As I wrote here, my husband runs marathons and does a complete Ironman once a year. For his training purposes, we have a spinning bike at home. I was thinking that I might as well use it myself! There are so many exercises we can do while pedaling without any material!

I’m doing push-ups and crunches on my bike. I work out my shoulders by doing circles with my hands and my arms extended. If you try it for three minutes you’ll see that it hurts! Of course, biking builds muscle in your legs and thighs. If you just push back your bottom a little while you pedal, you’ll define the back of your legs and your bum as well.

Biking is a real good cardiovascular exercise as well. If your goal is to burn fat, do high-intensity sequences of 30 seconds to a minute and you’ll see results pretty fast.


If you don’t have a stationary bike, you can still do most of these exercises. For example, you can use a low table to do your push-ups. But truly, spinning has changed my life! I’m addicted to it now and really love this physical activity. It doesn’t make me feel like I am doing a task.

If you want to try it out, I recommend taking two or three lessons first in order to learn how to do these exercises without hurting yourself. Many gyms offer training classes for free or low cost.

At-Home Exercising

Thanks to Pinterest, I now have good exercises to practice at home as well! 😉 You can find unlimited versions of training plans, videos and images online. This video shared on Facebook caught my attention earlier this winter. It’s about exercising with clothes! I love the idea of using something that we all have.

video exercises


I won’t go over all the reasons why running is a minimalist sport as I think it’s pretty obvious. Grab your shoes, put on light clothes and you’re all set. Exercising in general brings a free state of mind, but running really helps clearing my mind. As soon as you get used to the movement, there’s no need to focus on anything. I find it quite relaxing.

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In my point of view, many tend to underestimate the benefits of walking. Walking briskly 30 minutes a day diminishes the risks of many health problems such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, strokes, anxiety and depression. If you’re curious about these facts, you can consult the American Heart Association website or any other trustful health organization.

A Matter of Time Attitude

As a minimalist person, I like it when things are simple. I have three exercise periods scheduled per week. Two are an hour long and one is only 30 minutes. The rest of my exercise plan is more attributed to the attitude that I choose to have. To me, being active doesn’t necessarily mean organized activities or plans. It has more to do with having an active attitude and doing things with energy. Going outside as often as possible, walking to the grocery store, or something as simple as trying to climb the stairs faster is what I aim to do. It’s about reminding ourselves how we were as kids, which is wanting to move and have fun no matter what we do.

What about you? What is your attitude towards exercising?

Do you have a plan?


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