My Main Goal for This Year: More Time for Self-Improvement

I’m very minimalist when it comes to setting goals each year. I prefer to set between one and four goals, and then work on those all year. Usually, the goals are somewhat “big,” and need to be broken down. This year, I’m pretty much confining myself to one, rather abstract, goal:

Make more time for self-improvement.

New year goal

In the past, I’ve had goals about exercising more, various money moves designed to help me continue moving forward with my finances, and even career goals. Last year, I set a goal to work less — and I ended up succeeding in that goal.

However, I found that, just because I worked less, it didn’t mean that I lived a more fulfilling life. Sometimes, I found myself aimlessly surfing the Internet, or going down the rabbit hole of comments on an interesting post I’d read. While I think that reading is important, and I love new ideas, the reality is that there are only so many useful comments on such articles.

When I looked around, I realized that I could be using my time more effectively in a way that would be more fulfilling. Yes, I’ve been able to go on some good trips this year, and I moved across the country. But I also wasted a lot of time. Relaxation is important, and I don’t feel bad about evenings spent relaxing with my husband in front of the TV, my time playing games with my son, or the reading I do. However, I recognize that I spent a lot of time doing things that didn’t bring fulfillment, or advance me in anyway. Yes, I enjoy reading science fiction. But do I really need to hole up for three hours at a time? Couldn’t I do something with part of that time? What about the time I spend playing Threes and 2048? I can see 15 to 20 minutes of these games for relaxation, but I’ll look up and 90 minutes have gone by.

As a result of the realization that I’ve been frittering away time, I’ve decided that I want to devote more time to self-improvement. I know the time is available, so I want to make it a point to include things that will enrich my life. I can practice the piano and the guitar. I can actually try to move from “barely able to understand” anything toward a level of fluency with Spanish and German. I should think about reading something other than novels on occasion. And, of course, I can get involved with local causes and charities. I had been involved with PTA and a local political party before I left Utah; I should look for similar opportunities here in Pennsylvania.

So that’s my goal. Every day I’m going to spend some time doing something useful and/or improving. I’ll start out by devoting 15 to 30 minutes, and hopefully, as I free up more time, there will be days that I can spend more time working on these self-improvement activities. There is no reason for me to waste my time staring at cat videos or napping longer than is needed. It’s time to take steps for a more fulfilling life.

What is your big goal for the new year?

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