Moving to be More Minimalist


Is it only me who reacts to the grayish November by looking at other homes? I don’t really why I do so as I’m pretty happy where I live and don’t expect to move quite soon. I guess it only brings in the color I lack. Maybe it’d be a topic for a therapist! 😉

Anyway, it also makes me think about moving with the idea to be more minimalist. I often talk about that with Mr. My Husband and we’ve agreed that if we were to move, it’d be for something simpler. As we have three kids, we do need a larger home than many, but we believe things could be different. More minimalist, you know?

Like What You May Ask?

More Light

That’d be something very important. We already have a lot of windows, but I’d take larger ones! I love being close to nature and having a room or two with a wall of windows. It makes me feel like I am living outside.

Lighter Decoration

We did a lot of progress last fall by repainting all of the house. I need to publish something on that too… It will come! 😉 We repainted the first floor all the same color – gray, like November… – and white. It makes the house looks more unified and more refined. Still, if I were to move, I’d take less woodwork or paneling, and more open space. You know, something that makes you breath more.

Greener Environment

That would be my number one reason to move. To me, part of being a minimalist is to feel one with nature. One could take me as a hard environmentalist, but although I’m close to it, it’s more a sense of living in respect with nature and admiring its beauty each day. As I often feel like an alien saying so, I’d prefer owning a land with natural trees, grass and flowers and make sure that no one touches it! 😉

Time to Reduce

Of course, changing homes is the perfect occasion to reduce belongings to re-become the minimalist you once were! Let me tell you that with the kids, I’d have a trailer we can’t rid of! I just can’t as we are still not sure adding to the family is over. Yes, I’m not a minimalist mom when it comes to having babies, but that’s another story!! Back on topic, decluttering before moving is in itself a very good reason to consider the whole thing! It’s truer if you move in a smaller place.

Here are my favorite steps to declutter as a champion! Regroup your thing in the following:

  • Broken or too used: Be honest, that stained pajama won’t be used. It will stay at the bottom of the drawer. Better get rid of it. Or turn it into another use.
  • Doubles: Unless they’re very useful, get rid of doubles! If they’re still in good shape, you can donate them.
  • Never Used: For example, a nursing pillow you never were comfortable with. Again, you can donate these to someone else who might make good use out of it.

**Keep in mind that yard sales are also an option to make some extra money while decluttering and make someone else happy in return!

Selling Yourself or With a Pro?

Are you eager to turn more minimalist and selling your house fast? If you’re a house owner already, selling the house fast and by yourself can be a challenge… that you don’t want to pick! There are plenty of pros out there to help you! But as a minimalist, I recommend you pick the person carefully to avoid tremendous or hidden fees.

On the other hand, I know many motivated people who did it by themselves and had some success at it too. Make sure to repair, refresh, repaint and depersonalize your home first if it has to be. A house that feels like someone else’s or that is not maintained properly is always less attractive. A professional will tell you so too!

As for myself, I’ll try to apply my minimalist motivations to my current home and see how it goes! 😉

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