Minimalist Trip to the Extreme: Cycling Trips

Since this blog started out back in 2009, traveling has always been an important part of it. Last summer, my spinning classes raised interest in cycling for me. I was curious to see what type of trips could be made on a bike and discovered a world of cycling minimalists!

I’ve read about people selling all they have to start a never-ending (or at least a no-end-scheduled) trip on their bike. All I can do is to admire the guts these people have. I like my minimalist side and how it brings me more freedom, but I’m surely not ready for such an experience.

Cycling trips must be really challenging mentally and physically. I’ve noticed that many are single men. I’m guessing women are more afraid of doing such traveling alone – I would be too. They can go days and weeks riding without having a talk with anyone. Physical fatigue surely is a daily state. Without anyone to help cheer you up and bring motivation, it’s probably even harder to keep up the pace. To me, it would be the hardest part.

bike touring

To make their journey somewhat easier, cycling travelers have to select very light and tiny objects. Packing is also an important key in the process! Reminds me of the Minimalist Suitcase post written here and many more on related topics!

Moreover, cycling can’t be done on highways. To get from point A to B, a cyclist has to take many detours. It has many upsides to it as you surely get to discover new parts of the world, enjoy nice views and learn about local cultures a little more. Still, it takes time, lots of time, and there surely are safety risks. Personally, I wouldn’t feel confident alone in a Mexican mountain road!

Although I find these cycling trips a little too extreme for my comfort, I look at them with admiration. It might be something to try out on a smaller scale, like going for a weekend cycling tour or something.


Just to name a few reasons:

  • Feeling closely connected to nature.
  • Not having a set schedule.
  • Discovering lands from a new angle.
  • Learning camping and survival tricks.
  • Another step to owning less.
  • Simply trying something new.
  • Doing something I like: cycling!

Because I want to read more myself, here are some links to cycling travelers’ blogs I found. I’ve linked to their packing list, which gives a good idea of the difficulties they’re facing each day while out.


Two Travelling List: These two look like a lovely couple from which I could get a lot of inspiration.


Voluntourista List: His list comes with a stunning true story! 😉 This guy looks like he’s done a lot of miles with his bike!


While Out Riding List: I look at Cass’ destinations with some envy. He rode many countries I’d like to see and has a large variety of categories to provide a handful of information.


Would you consider cycling trips? Do you think never-ending cycling trips are extreme?


Image credit, retrieved from Pinterest

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