Minimalist Skincare: Busted Myths and What Really Goes On Behind the Scenes

You don’t need separate creams for different parts of your face: neck, face, under your eyes — it’s all the same type of skin.

I do find that body creams need to be oilier and more moisturizing than face creams, but other than that… no big difference.

Night and day creams are not different, the only difference is that day creams might contain an SPF.

No cream will make you look younger, and all claims on the bottles say things like: may have an affect on the appearance of wrinkles/cellulite/whatever.

You would have to go the cosmetic surgery route to remove wrinkles or plump up sagging skin.

The two most important things to prevent aging are:

  1. Cleanser
  2. Sunscreen

More money does not necessarily mean a better quality product, although I’ve found that certain products feel better on my face than others. I’m willing to pay for that, but I know that all cleansers and moisturizers are basically the same.

You can find the same formulas for the same price.

Just do a little research on the parent company of the most expensive skincare creams and lotions you want, and find their lower-priced brands.

Most companies don’t change the base formula between their different brands, they just repackage the more expensive brands it into a nicer bottle with more marketing.

So what you’re paying for is just marketing, those celebrities who proclaim those $100/ounce products as miracles, and the packaging. On the other hand, first-hand reviews are a fantastic way to determine the effectiveness of certain products. For instance, I have seen several fantastic Nerium reviews here lately which have strongly influenced my decision to try their anti-aging products out.


As for cellulite and other imperfections about your skin and body, it is not ugly, it’s natural. We don’t need to look like eternally youthful (rather scary) Botoxed versions of ourselves as we age.

Those women SCARE ME. (Marcia Cross, anyone?)

She may look pretty in pictures and on screen on Desperate Housewives, but her face is unreal at the age of 48 (as of 2010).

Wrinkles, spots and other markers of aging shouldn’t make you feel ashamed or ugly.

I’d much rather see this (Michelle Pfeiffer, 52 as of 2010)

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