Minimalist Healthy Snacks for the Summer

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So there it is! Vacations are on their way, yippee! I was not rushed for them up until today as we’re leaving Saturday for a one week getaway to Cape Cod. The East Coast might not be paradise for some, but for us, living up in the North (Montreal, Quebec), it is the nearest portion of blue ocean and great beaches.

All that being said, being pregnant with my third child (yes! I’m around 14 weeks already) and having two little boys on board require some healthy snacks for the trip. As I won’t be home and because of my minimalist side, I want to keep it simple. Here is my top 5!

1. Dried Fruits

I just love them for their practical side and the kids eat them like candies! 😉 Raisins are their favorite and probably the easiest to find, but there are many other dried fruits available at almost any grocery store. Cranberries, apricots, and blueberries are other examples. As previously said, these are very convenient: take small storage, doesn’t need to be kept cool and are nutionally interesting.

2. Fresh Fruits and Veggies (Cut)

Summer is summer (duh!) so we also need to keep hydrated. I especially cherished fruits or vegetables with a lot of water for that matter. Watermelon (and other types of melons), cantaloupe, cucumber, raisin tomatoes and even baby carrots. Let’s give a special mention to blueberries too, that I find resistant to hot weather. No need to mention why this option is healthy…

3. Vegetables Drinks

A commercial vegetables juice with low sodium can be a healthy and quick solution. These drinks are also recognized by nutritionists to prevent dehydration. When possible, homemade ones can be delicious and keep all nutriments in smoothies version.

4. Drinkable Yogurts

Drinkable yogurts and myself are a long love story! As far as I can remember, I was asking my mom to buy some at the grocery store. I now buy them for my own sons at times. Again, very handy in format, these yogurts don’t require a spoon and supply fast energy for the active summer days.

5. Hummus

This is a good way to add a little proteins to your fresh cut veggies. Easy to spread, hummus can also be used on healthy crackers and easily complete a lunch on the beach. For those less used to hummus, it is a chickpeas purée with seasoning. Most children like it and hummus has interesting nutritional benefits.

6. Apple compote (sauce)

“Drinkable” commercial versions are available for some years already. At home, I prefer homemade compote or at least no sugar added commercial ones. When away, these drinkable products come in handy! No spoon, no need to be refreshed, contain good nutrients, they take small storage space and prevent dehydration. Among my favorite summer snacks.

7. Nuts

I like to have diversified and well-balanced snacks. Just like hummus, nuts add some protein to summer snacks. Sure you have to be careful with young kids because of choking hazards. However, for children aged 4+ and adults, nuts are a good and healthy addition to any snacks.

8. Quick Salads

Quick and easy salads that don’t require a lot of space can also be served as little snacks during the days. My favorite one is couscous with chickpeas, celery, sweet pepper, dried raisins, seasoning, and a little olive oil. Do not hesitate to add fruits too, like pieces of mandarins or dried cranberries. Greek salad is also one that I enjoy a lot but it requires to be kept cooler. Don’t hesitate to share your favorite one with me, I always appreciate quick new recipes! Really, the inspiration is yours!

When it comes to minimalist snacks, there are three basic principal requirements for me:

  1. Simple to make or find
  2. Healthy and well-balanced
  3. Needs little to no equipment (ice, spoons or forks, etc.) and uses small space


Have one I didn’t mention? Share it! 😉


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