Minimalism is Also an Iceberg!


It’s not the first time that I see this image going by. However, it resonated to me more this morning. As much as I consider myself lucky for all that I am and have, I also know it didn’t totally come out of nowhere. I’ve worked hard to obtain the lifestyle I now have and will be in process of making it evolve probably all my life. This is why I see my “success” on many levels as this same iceberg.

I think it’s also important to keep this lesson in mind when we look at other people with envy or desire. Their situation is a lot more than what we see. The envy or desire probably would soon transform into admiration if we would only know half of what that person went through.


→ If we admire one’s success, we also have to admire the work made behind.


Personally, I don’t know much people who didn’t make efforts and sacrifices to achieve their goals. I also don’t know much people who never failed. What they’ve accomplished is the result of their resilience and their focus. There are no other ways to success. Counting on luck is just not a true possibility. We, as individuals, have to make it work.

This is also the way it should be for minimalism. Almost every day, I get the desire to buy something. Most of the times, this desire comes for little things: a coffee, a little surprise for my son, a book that just turned a bargain, etc. Although I got rid of the desire for big expenses, I still got some work to do for the small things that are harder to notice but still make a difference. Almost every day I recall the sentence: “Owning less, but only the best”. Yet minimalism is so much more!


→ Yes, Minimalism is also an Iceberg!


What we see from minimalism at first is only the success part. We imagine a clear home with no mess, we see a nice wardrobe that is never outdated and a bank account full of savings. But minimalism is about sacrifices, resilience and change. Minimalists do a lot of things differently from the majority. They face judgement and criticism. To work well, minimalism has to be in your head and in your heart. It has to be thought about and felt. It’s more than owning less. It’s focusing on what truly counts.


→ Minimalism is about keeping it simple. In every sphere of your life.


This is why it is important to me to distinguish success from financial success. To me, a success mainly based on money and belongings is not complete. Also, as a minimalist, I don’t need nor do I want material success. I better focus on a psychological, emotional and physical success than on a financial one. That being said, it doesn’t mean I don’t have financial goals or that I don’t like money! I just prefer when things are simple. And you soon realise you don’t need that much money when things are simple! 😉

This morning when I saw this image going by my newsfeed, I realised that life is an iceberg. What really matters are the parts we don’t see.


Do you see Minimalism as an Iceberg?


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