Mandarin Oriental Hotels, A Must Try?

I understand that I’m somewhat biased here. A few years, my wife and I were enjoying our honeymoon in Vietnam. We had scheduled to end our trip in Thailand but out of security concerns at that time, we changed our mind and decided to go to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was decided in a few minutes and within a couple of hours, we had booked plane tickets and our hotel. We had decided to try out the Mandarin Oriental which seemed to have a good view, was a 5 star hotels with raving reviews and was very cheap (probably because we were booking 24h in advance). We flew out and arrived at an incredible hotel where we were upgraded to a suite with a view of the Petronas Towers. It was our honeymoon so it wasn’t totally unexpected but still very appreciated. I loved it. The comfort, the service, the restaurants, an infinity pool, etc. It was a short trip but it certainly got me intrigued about the company. They don’t have that many hotels but they all seem to be at a very high standard.

Since then, i’ve been lucky to stay at both the Barcelona and Washington DC hotels and absolutely loved both. I certainly plan on seeing a few more of the MO hotels even though i don’t get any loyalty points for doing so.

The Cost

Obviously, the first thing you are probably wondering is how or why I would spend so much money staying in a “ultra-luxury” hotel. The answer is I don’t. For example, for my most recent visit to MO Washington DC, I had a very clear strategy. Several months in advance, we decided we’d like to visit Washington DC and I immediately started thinking about staying at the MO. Then, I started looking at all the weekends, at staying different days (Friday to Sunday, Thursday to Sunday, etc). The result? Some nights were actually 3 times more expensive. Yes, that is for the exact same room. It all depends on the number of conferences around a certain date, etc. So of course, we decided to go on that weekend where it was cheapest. The benefits don’t stop there either. Since it was a slower weekend, we were offered an upgrade to a luxury suite on arrival!! Not bad right?

Have you stayed at MO or other similar hotels? Any thoughts?

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