Making Physical Exercise a Priority

I’ve finally reached the point where I make physical exercise a priority. It’s been a long, tough road, with many fits and starts, but it’s finally happened. I finally make sure that I get in some form of physical activity every day — and often it is 30 minutes of activity.


Challenges to Physical Exercise

It’s quite hard to make physical exercise a priority for a number of reasons.

First of all, I have a hard time because I don’t actually enjoy exercise for the sake of exercise. I like being active. I enjoy activities like hiking and bike riding, and I like going to the pool. I also enjoy playing tennis and other sports. However, the reality is that I can’t always find someone to play tennis with me, and hiking requires planning ahead. And the pool is just too far away some days.

I know that I can’t do these things that I like every day, so I have to force myself to use the elliptical at my apartment complex’s fitness room, or pull out some exercise DVDs, or look for workouts online. This makes it hard to exercise every day because it’s just not fun. I make up for this a little bit by having “yoga days” where I can do yoga for 30 to 60 minutes as a treat if I’ve done more active exercising on preceding days.

Another challenge is the time. Because I hate exercise for the sake of exercise, it’s easy to rationalize that I don’t have time for it one day. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. No matter how busy I am, the reality is that I have 30 minutes in a day for exercise. Sure, the exercise might cut into my Facebook time, but thems the breaks. And, honestly, forcing myself to exercise each day, making it a priority, also forces me to be more productive, since I have to get stuff done, and there isn’t this illusion of having a lot of time to do it, because I’ve already spent time exercising. Plus, it’s become a habit now.

Finally, it can be hard to exercise when you don’t have someone to come with you and keep you motivated. While my husband is great when it comes to working on our healthy eating habits, he’s not much into exercise, so he can’t be my exercise buddy. I don’t have anyone else to use as an exercise buddy, so I’ve had to make due. I’ve started listening to podcasts when I drag myself to work out on the elliptical, and that gives me something engaging while I exercise. I also find that workout videos also help me feel a sense of connection, even though I’m not working out with an exercise buddy in real life.

I pretty much just had to power through the exercise, and tell myself every day that this was a priority, because I want good health. Stepping on the scale and seeing the positive results also helped the situation, since I was able to see my progress and feel good about results. In the end, you need to find that combination of discipline and motivation to keep it going.

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