Make a ‘What Not To Buy’ List

It just occurred to me the other day when going through my wardrobe and trying to do a heavy purge, that we always make lists of what to buy to fill up our wardrobe and make it complete.

Or our lives for that matter.

But why not a ‘What NOT to buy’ list?

On my quick list would be the following:


  • No more dresses. — Seriously.
  • No more loose leaf tea — I only really enjoy Earl Grey Cream tea anyway
  • No more jeans or pants — I only have 1 pair of jeans and 5 pirs of work pants, it’s enough
  • No more white shirts — T-shirts or collared, I have enough
  • No more coats — My coat wardrobe for all the seasons is complete
  • No more hard drives — I have plenty
  • No more makeup — I could go a lifetime on what I have, seeing as I only stick to fast routines & neutrals anyway
  • No more bags –– Little pouches, packing pouches, suitcases, and purses. NO MORE!
  • No more creams — Luckily I only have a few bottles, not boxes full, but I should use it all before I replace them

The only thing is to keep all of this in mind as I go out and window shop idly. *sigh*

The good news, is I kind of already know that I have everything I need, and if I buy something, it is 99.99% a non-essential.

A good rule to keep in mind!

What is on your ‘What not to buy’ list?

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