Looking for Holiday Savings? What You Need to Know

With many consumers getting ready to spend more for the holidays, it’s time to think about how you can spend as little as possible. Of course, one of the best ways to avoid going overboard during the holiday season is to adopt a minimalist approach to the holidays and buy as little as possible. There are all sorts of ways to have homemade holidays, and to avoid some of the downsides that comes with spending money.

But, if you know that you are going to be a little bit more consumerism-oriented for the holidays, there are ways to get the best bang for your buck, and spend as little as possible. Andrea Woroch, a consumer and shopping expert with Kinoli Inc., offers some insights into what to expect this holiday season, and how to save:

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Black Friday is Already Here

The deals that we associate with Black Friday are already here. Amazon has some amazing “lightning deals” already, and Walmart started it’s 24-hour online deals a month earlier than last year. If you are waiting until Black Friday to get some good deals, it might already be too late.

I found this out already when my husband and I started casually looking for Christmas trees. We are replacing our old artificial tree with a new one this year, since we are in a smaller space. We discovered that it’s already possible to get 60 percent off (plus an additional $45 off with coupon code) in some cases. Instead of waiting until Black Friday, we’ve already bought our new tree.

Price Matching is On the Rise

According to Woroch, many retailers are taking it up a notch with price matching. “In addition to giving price adjustments on their own sales, they’re offering adjustments when a competitor’s price drops, too,” she says. “This means you may qualify for a price adjustment or a store credit if you notice a recent item you purchased goes on sale or becomes available for less at another store.”

Buying now, and then watching out for sales later could help you save, without the stress of heading out during the busiest shopping days.

Return Policies Get a Boost

Another trend for this holiday shopping season is that many retailers are now offering extended return policies. Woroch reports that some stores are offering returns through January 23, 2015 for items purchased between October 19 and December 24, 2014. That means that you can get your holiday shopping done now, and not have to worry about the return window closing as early as you thought.

Free Shipping

Finally, don’t forget about the possibility of free shipping on orders. Many retailers offer free shipping when you meet a threshold, and an increasing number are offering free shipping on anything through the holiday season. And don’t forget that there are almost always free shipping codes to be found for many online retailers. Do a quick online search for free shipping codes before you check out. And don’t forget about Free Shipping Day, which falls on December 18 for 2014.

With a little planning, there is no reason to break the bank this holiday season.

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