Living in a Hotel FAQ: Why am I living in a hotel, and is BF living with me?

Wow! What enthusiasm about my living in a hotel. Thanks y’all 🙂


  1. Why am I living in a hotel again and is BF living with me?
  2. How living at a hotel works & the cost of it (cooking, laundry, rates, mail, apartment hunting)
  3. Purging my wardrobe (again) — this one is very difficult for me because I love wardrobe variety
  4. General re-purging process — what did I allow to pass the test and what have I decided is not worth it any longer?
  5. How to handle sentimentality — photo frames, sewing machine — would it all fit into one suitcase?

Let’s start with the first one.

Why am I living in a hotel again and is BF living with me?

Yes he is going to be living with me.

The problem is that we tend to work in two cities. He in one, and I in the other.

It causes a lot of living-together problems, and for a good part of 2010, I was commuting back and forth (4 hours round trip) to go to “his” city on the weekends, because he snagged the contract before I received mine, and it made more sense for us to stay in the city at the time.

Now that the tables have turned, we are living in MY city, and he is contract-less, so he’s just chilling out here with me.

I was semi-living in a hotel since the start of 2010, because of the situation I described above (5 days on-site, weekends at home), but now that we’ve given up our apartment (a monthly rental) in the other city…. we need a place to live, and I need a place to work.

So unless BF gets a contract in another city (very likely), he will be staying with me until he has to commute back and forth.

I am now in a hotel again because I couldn’t find an apartment.

Trust me. I looked. I looked at maybe 30 apartments at the start of 2010, but it was always something:

  • No availability for the month I wanted
  • Price was too high ($2000 a month!?)
  • Noise was a HUGE issue (couldn’t sleep through it)
  • Bad location
  • My contract (another client) was cut short, then I snagged another one

…and so on.

We just couldn’t get confirmation on anything.

It wasn’t until around July that I thought I’d found the perfect apartment, only to find out that the NOISE was a huge issue that didn’t surface until we went to bed, and everything quieted down.

We could hear all of the pipes rattling loudly in the old building until about midnight, when everyone else finally went to sleep.

Now that it’s coming up on September, it’s starting to make less sense to rent an apartment for a year.

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