Living in a Hotel FAQ: Purging your wardrobe again


  1. Why am I living in a hotel again and is BF living with me?
  2. How living at a hotel works & the cost of it (cooking, laundry, rates, mail, apartment hunting)
  3. Purging my wardrobe (again) — this one is very difficult for me because I love wardrobe variety
  4. General re-purging process — what did I allow to pass the test and what have I decided is not worth it any longer?
  5. How to handle sentimentality — photo frames, sewing machine — would it all fit into one suitcase?

Purging my wardrobe… AGAIN

I hate to disappoint you lovely readers, but I am AWFUL AT THIS.

I love clothes. I do. I love clothes and accessories. Mostly wrap dresses, tops and necklaces.. but I like having a wild, wide variety of colours, fabrics, shapes and sizes.

In fact, 2 out of the 3 of my suitcases, are just my clothes, shoes, purses and accessories. I’m an awful, bad minimalist, right?

Actually, not really. I’ve cut down on so much else (books, picture frames, DVDs, CDs and so on) because I’ve prioritized what is more important to me (clothes :D).

So living out of a hotel again, for at least 5 months, means I need to make some choices about what to bring and what to leave or purge.


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The rest are just accessories & shoes (not pictured)

Mostly business casual items

I work 5/7 days in a week, and it makes no sense to bring the same amount of clothes for the weekend.

Who’s REALLY going to check to see if you entered Starbucks in the same dress as before? No one, that’s who.*

*unless they’re creepy stalkers, in which case I’d suggest you carry some mace & be more careful.

I also like to wear business casual on the weekends, just with jeans.. so it’s not that far of a stretch for me.

I could most definitely wear the same 5 tops every week, alternating with 2 pairs of pants and NO ONE WOULD BLINK AN EYE.

But I’d get bored and want to shop for new things… so this is my way of curbing my appetite for variety & colour.

I also brought a pair of dark rinse, straight-legged jeans, and a couple of casual items as well (for the grocery store or just walking around downtown).

Accessories & Shoes

Lightest, and I daresay also the cheapest way to spice up any outfit.

If you wear a plain black t-shirt and some jeans, but throw on a chunky red necklace, or a pair of earrings with a belt, it instantly makes it seem different and new.

It basically tricks me into thinking it’s a new outfit, and it helps me stave off fashion boredom.

As for shoes, I brought 5 pairs of low heeled shoes *guilty face*, but I’ve left them at work so they don’t really count…. 😛

As for my hotel room shoes (hah!), I have 2 pairs of sandals, 2 pairs of ballet flats, pair of knee-high boots and my winter boots.

All in all, 11 pairs of shoes, but they don’t take up a lot of space in the suitcase, and if I traveled/moved, I’d wear my knee-high boots instead of packing them.

Winter stuff

Winter jacket, earmuffs, scarf and winter boots. That’s all I use and all I need. Not pictured.

Items I wanted to purge

So I could sell them on consignment or donate them to charities.

The funny thing (or not so funny..) is that when I went through my things again, I ended up keeping a couple more items, because I realized I loved them, and I’d probably buy their substitutes if I purged them from my wardrobe.


Everything else.

I have 4 more pairs of shoes/boots, and a suitcase more of clothes, and most of my purses left in storage.

I actually have 2 suitcases that are half empty at my parents that I have yet to fill up.

BF always gives me this worried look when I go back to Toronto and says any OR ALL of the following:

  • Are you sure you really need ALL of those shoes and purses? You know they don’t pack neatly..
  • OK, how many bags do you have? (Running joke, because there’s always an extra little bag somewhere)
  • Are you sure you are going to be able to fit everything into your suitcases?
  • Do we need another car to move your clothes? (Yet another joke. Har har.)

But he knows that being a girlier girl, I can’t help myself, but I know I have my limits in space for packing items to move… and he trusts my judgment for the most part.

P.S. I am not paying for storage — my parents have kindly let me keep my room for that.


About 4-5 things. Out of the 30 I packed.

The problem with purging is that you want to do a mix of sell and donate, and when you look at the stuff you want to get rid of…. you get lazy or you want to keep things again.

My goal is to get EVERYTHING into this 1 big suitcase and my 2 carryons.

If I can’t make it, I have to give away things, purge or hide them in my office…. heh heh.

So far, I’ve made two piles in the room.


My rule was: anything that looked new-ish, stylish and/or has a brand name on it (Jacob, Banana Republic, etc).


My rule was: anything they probably wouldn’t take to sell such as simple Smart Set tank tops, old t-shirts, old dresses, or anything not “current”.

You can check out my more detailed guide on how to purge & sell your stuff online from my main blog: Fabulously Broke in the City.

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