Living in a Hotel FAQ: General Re-Purging – What passed and what failed?


  1. Why am I living in a hotel again and is BF living with me?
  2. How living at a hotel works & the cost of it (cooking, laundry, rates, mail, apartment hunting)
  3. Purging my wardrobe (again) — this one is very difficult for me because I love wardrobe variety
  4. General re-purging process — what did I allow to pass the test and what have I decided is not worth it any longer?
  5. How to handle sentimentality — photo frames, sewing machine — would it all fit into one suitcase?

What did I allow to pass and what have I eliminated?


Rice Cooker: Still comes with me. I hate cooking rice on the stove and I eat a lot of it.

My own Iron: After the last rusty-water-on-white-top debacle, I’m bringing my own.

My hard drives: Every time I think I can leave some at home, I end up needing it. They don’t take THAT much space.

Futon/Sleeping Bag: Mostly for BF. I can sleep on a bed, but he can’t.

Tupperware: I need to bring food to work, and store it in the fridge as well.

My own towel: I need it. The hotel towels are bleached within an inch of their lives & I prefer mine

Knives, Grater, Peeler, etc: SOME places have them but if they have them, they usually suck & I prefer my things.

Soap, Dish soap, Own Toiletries: They aren’t eco-friendly and mine are. I just set their supplies aside.

2 laptops: I have a PC for work on the desk and my Mac for stellar videos & sound.

I can’t do both functions on one laptop, as the PC only works on my clients’ networks and the Mac is the only laptop that is amazing for video and sound.


Printer: I can print things at work.

Networking hub/router: We just swap internet connections as we need it, because BF is not a web hog like I am.

Entertainment system: I find other things to do. It’s too bulky and delicate to travel with.

Extra pots & pans: I just don’t cook those meals that need extra things, or find other creative ways to do so.

Ironing Board: Seriously, some places don’t have one. But now I just call ahead & check.


Immersion blender: I’m making hummus and sauces, but I need to see if I really use it a lot in 5 months.

That’s all the major stuff.

The rest, such as pots, pans, cutlery, plates, hangers and towels are already provided in the hotel.

Other than that, the internet is either wireless or with a cable, and there’s a TV provided (not that I watch much of it), as well as a telephone.

Then I just have my cellphone, camera, GPS, iPod, toiletries, makeup, clothes, shoes.

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