How To Limit Your Feeding. RSS Feeding, That Is.

I updated the main blog with a fresh new layout.

For those of you RSS Feeding my site, come by and check it out πŸ™‚

I hope you love it as much as I do, and let me know if you run into any problems with it. I think I’ve worked out most of the kinks.

Shane Walker did an amazing job re-designing the front page to my (picky) specifications.

He was patient, professional and extremely supportive through any hiccups we had along the way.

I couldn’t have asked for a better designer and person to work with, and he comes highly recommended by yours truly πŸ™‚

Okay, now on to today’s topic: RSS FEEDING!

I subscribe to a lot of blogs. About 800+ at the moment. Perhaps more.Β Then put on top of that all the people I’m following who share their items?

You’re looking at 500 posts a day, easily.

Granted, all the top sites tend to post multiple times in a day, so I just click Mark All Read on them, but how about the rest of the blogs?

That said, it has to be done, and my new rules are as follows:

1) 50 feeds or less in the following categories

  1. minimalism
  2. money*
  3. style/beauty
  4. food
  5. technology/design
  6. other — random sites like LOLcats, Cute Overload or The Oatmeal

That should limit my reading. I’m aiming for 20 for every category except money. I think in the money category it will be more like 50.

2) Keep a “Mainstream Blogs” Folder

These sites post 3-5 times or more a day. I can just click “Mark all Read” on them. Or if I find I keep doing the “Mark all Read”, I’ll just unsubscribe from all of them.

3) Keep a “Trial” Folder

New blogs I like go here until I decide otherwise.

4) Employ a One-In One-Out rule

One RSS Feed goes in, another goes out

5) No super short RSS feeds

Sorry. If I can’t read at least 3 paragraphs in my RSS Reader, I might as well just go to the site.

I don’t like RSS feeds that only spit out one or two lines. What’s the point?

6) No blogs that don’t regularly post

I consider once a week regular. If you haven’t posted in at least 2 months, what’s the point?


Mainstream blogs repeat themselves.

You can just subscribe to one and you’ll get the news for everything. They just like to copy and repeat each other, so it’s a waste to subscribe to 3 or 4 of the same thing.

Read 15-20 posts of theirs at once.

Let your Google Reader pile up like I did, and then start reading en masse.

If you skip 80% of what they’re saying, they’re not worth subscribing to.

Be ruthless.


  • You only read what you want to read
  • Higher quality blogs stay, lesser get thrown out
  • You don’t get overloaded with data
  • You can always just put a website on “Trial”


Sorry. I didn’t think of taking pictures of my last one, but it was 1000+ posts a day at the very least.

Getting rid of those tech sites really helped πŸ™‚

The really large sites like LifeHacker that post 5-10 times a day, are just on their own at the bottom so I can click on each and decide to “Mark all Read” or to go through each one.

You will notice I added more folders like splitting out Money & Investing, but other than that, it has worked out quite well for me.


What are your RSS Feed rules?

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