Life is more fun when you are challenged

Life is way more interesting if you are challenged at every turn, even sinking down to the very bottom depths of despair, than if everything were to come too easily to you.

I certainly didn’t believe this when I was younger.

I didn’t like challenges, hardship or pain (who does/did?!), but in hindsight I’m happy I had what I had, although I wish those challenges had come sooner so I could be farther ahead than I am right now.

Let me tell you a story — I have a very good friend who is filthy rich.

She doesn’t work, is sort of a lifetime student. She has everything without having to work for it, floats through life without financial fear, and has what Every Girl dreams of having.

But her secret is she’s bored. Unhappy, bored, listless.. everything is a ‘been there, done that’ sort of situation for her.

Wonderful shopping spree in NYC without a credit card limit? Yawn.

Flying to Europe to hang out on the jet set beaches in summer? *sigh*.

She isn’t challenged and I hate to say it, she doesn’t know how or what she has to do to be challenged.

Like most people, it sounds like an incredible dream, but she isn’t growing, she’s stagnating and it shows — she has gone through 2.5 expensive degrees at a prestigious college now.

She thinks she might want to get her Masters afterwards and then perhaps her PhD, but doesn’t know what job she might have to work at, if she’d want to do it, and what she’d have to do.

I am not wishing hardship on anyone to force them to grow, but challenges, pain and hurdles are what push us to fight and learn from our mistakes.

You may fantasize about life being easy for you, and you won’t ever have to be in debt, worry about money or work, but you don’t grow if you can always achieve and do what you want, and everything comes too easily to you.

You grow by being rejected, failing, falling down and learning how to deal with the aftermath.

Don’t wish for more than what you have for you will inevitably be disappointed

So which is better?

Being dirt poor, having to live on the bare minimum, working 2 jobs to make ends meet, but happy in the knowing that you won’t give up and you are working towards a goal that will eventually come?

Or being uber rich, with nothing to worry about, wandering listlessly through life, bored and unable to be happy or interested in life because you’ve never been challenged, have no goals or a plan in life and you’ve never known any kind of hardship?

Someone might say being rich and bored is better, but to me, both situations are the same — undesirable.

I daresay if I knew I was working towards a goal, I’d choose the former situation — to be dirt poor and armed with a plan.

They say that water tastes sweeter when you’re thirsty, and you cannot know happiness if you’ve never experienced sadness.

Which situation would you pick and why? There is no wrong answer, just your own feelings.

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