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I usually don’t like making “free” advertisements here if they are not directly related to you readers, but this time I will. For only one reason: it is a very beautiful social message. Before I say more, I invite you to watch the short video below.


I find this video touching and powerful. I wish more people would think about ways to make us more aware. I’m not particularly in love with the Coca-Cola company because I don’t feel this company promotes healthy habits for their customers (I know it also sell bottles of water, but still…). However, I admire when a company uses its marketing efforts into delivering such an important message.


“Labels are for products, not for people”

Honestly, how many times have you judged someone based on their appearance? I surely have and more than once. I don’t even consider myself a racist or sexist person, but I do get impressions based on appearance, whether it is positive or not.

This is why I don’t think such video can eliminate labels. However, it should help bring consciousness and help people go beyond that. Let’s look under the label. Let’s not assume the personality of a person because of the way he or she dresses or looks, by the way he or she talks or by the way he or she moves. It shouldn’t stop us from getting into a conversation, for example.


On the Other Hand…

On the other hand, I don’t think this should turn into an excuse for some to not dress properly when required. For example, someone who shows up to an interview to be a financial advisor in a bank dressed in used jeans and a t-shirt shouldn’t be surprised to not get the job…

I think we should all be aware of other’s perceptions and try to turn them into our advantage, without forgetting who we are. There are hundred ways of promoting our personality without interfering with professional requirements. Simply think about your favorite waiter at Tim Hortons (or Dunkin Donuts!). They all have the same uniform but you can have hints about their own personality by the way they act rather than the way they look.

Then again, you have to look under the label.


What did you think about this video?

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