Keeping Busy After Retirement

So you’ve finally retired. Congratulations! Now what? Do you really want to spend the rest of your days lounging around? Of course not. Here are a few activities you can take up after you retire.

Take a Vacation

I know what you’re thinking — isn’t retirement just a long vacation? No, it’s not, especially when you could be on a beach somewhere. Pack a bag and head out. Now’s the time to take the vacation that you’ve always dreamed of. Go lie in a hammock in Hawaii or gamble some of your savings away. You finally have no restrictions and can take the vacation you’ve always wanted, so go for it!

Thanks to your annuity, financing this trip isn’t an issue. If you’re unsure how an annuity works, check out this annuity how to guide.

Keep Working

Just because you’ve retired from one job doesn’t mean you have to stop working. Work part-time at a job that you think would be fun, or start the business you’ve always wanted to have. You could pick up some seasonal work as well. A little extra money never hurts.

Repair Your Home

Remember those nagging issues you have in your home? Well, it’s time to take care of them. Clean up your garden (or start one), repair your steps, or add-on to the house. Take a few steps to make your home more energy-efficient. Don’t be afraid to start on huge projects; you have all of the time in the world.

Write an Autobiography

What better way to spend time in the future than reflecting on the past? Now that you’ve had a ton of experience in life, you should share it with others. Even if you don’t think that you’ve done anything interesting, just start writing your story anyway. You may be surprised at how much you actually have to say.

If you don’t want to go through the publishing thing, you could start an online blog. This is a way to immediately share your information with the world and get feedback.

Visit Your Friends and Family

Now that you’re not working 40 hours a week, you have plenty of time to catch up with relatives. Make some phone calls and arrange to spend time with them. Go out for a meal, invite them over, or share stories from the past. Now’s the perfect time to mend broken bridges.

If you don’t have any local family, use your time to visit a friend, especially if they’re retired as well. Old co-workers will be excited to see you, and other retired friends will appreciate the chance to hang out with a friend. Now that you have some time, you should rebuild those long-damaged friendships.


Everyone needs help, and volunteering is the perfect way to offer your services. Contact your local church or other charitable organizations to see if they have opportunities available. Don’t deny any opportunity; your entire schedule is open. If you get the chance to volunteer at an international organization, take the chance. You never know what it could lead to.

Educate Yourself or Others

You should strive to learn something new each and every day. Did you give up on a degree earlier in life? Go earn it. If you don’t feel like going to an actual class, look into online courses. These work with your schedule in that you can take them whenever you feel like it. Most professors usually give an assignment for the week and require it to be completed prior to Monday.

If you don’t want to educate yourself, then educate others. Tutoring is a great way to help. Not only will you feel great about yourself, but the sense of satisfaction you’ll get when the student finally understands the lesson can’t be described. If you don’t understand what the student needs help with, learn it together.

Take up a Sport

In your newly found free time, stay healthy and active by taking up a sport. Whether you want to relax and play golf, meet up with friends, or go bowling every week, taking up a sport is a great way to stay busy during your retirement. Ask around to see if there are any leagues forming and, if so, sign up.

Regardless of how old you are when you retire, there’s always something fun that you can do. Sure, you could lounge around, but wouldn’t you rather be out doing something fun? You may be surprised at the outcome if you try these suggestions. For those that are already retired, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Leave a comment below.

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