Jonesing after a status symbol

It is one thing to love a brand name bag because of the history of the company, the shape, the colour, the richness of the leather and the sheer beauty of it.

It’s another to say: I want it because So-and-So is carrying it.

Take this bag from the Gucci ’1973′ collection that Angelina Jolie, Eva Mendes and Monica Cruz are seen carrying as the next “It Bag”.

Cute, right?

Now check out the cost at Farfetch (ironic!):

Is it really worth it to spend 1234 EUR on a bag?

For some, it might be, but if you are just buying it because it’s a status symbol and THE HOTTEST bag right now, consider that the above celebrities probably scored it for free.

Yep. Probably sent the bag to them (umm those are some pretty big names too), and just for a couple of snapshots of them carrying the bag, someone out there will develop an instant lust for it and want it.


  • Don’t go into debt for it and save for it if you really want it
  • Consider what 1234 EUR can buy other than that bag (hello rent!)
  • Ask yourself if you want the bag or because someone famous is carrying it
  • Ask yourself if you want the bag, or just so you can show off
  • Consider that there will be another “IT” bag soon
  • Remember that celebrities are given TONS of free swag just for a single photograph
  • Buy something independently and/or locally-made that you’ll really love to carry
  • If you have more than 25 bags in total (yes, IN TOTAL), you don’t need any more
  • Find a cheaper substitute
  • If you really want it in the end for the style, quality and hardware and it’ll be perfect, then go for it!

Note: I’d say “rent the bag” if you really want it, but for me that’s just throwing money away (my inner Saver screams in pain when I think about the idea). I’d rather buy it than rent.

I’m all about renting and borrowing things instead of buying, but not for something like a purse which isn’t what I had in mind at all.

Cars, Hotel rooms, Machines and tools, yes.

Purses and other social status artifacts? No.

I am not someone who hates designer labels, but let’s face it… there is only so much money in our bank accounts without having to deal with chasing after the newest hottest thing.

Just be sure you really want it and will use it before you buy it.

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