In Which I Discover That I *Need* a Chair

It’s been an interesting few days. I’ve moved across the country. However, as is often the case when you have someone else do the bulk of the moving on your behalf, we are here before our stuff has arrived. Our things get here sometime today. In the meantime, I’ve realized that there is a definite limit to my minimalism.

As a result of recent developments, I’ve discovered that, at the very least, I need a chair. Or a couch. Just something to get me off the ground. Because working while sitting on the floor is very, very uncomfortable after a little while.


What Makes You Comfortable?

When I travel, I often do work sitting on the hotel bed. This works out just fine for me because, as I’ve discovered, I usually only work for two or three hours when I’m on vacation. This isn’t the case when I’m at home, when I usually work at least twice as long.

If I were to sit on the hotel bed with my laptop for more than a couple hours, I have a feeling that things would get really uncomfortable really fast. I discovered this when I tried to work after arriving at my empty apartment. At first, I found the apartment liberating. All that space! The openness!

Things got real after a little while, though. First of all, there is no place to sit. I had to sit on the floor with my laptop. My husband and I are using an air mattress as a bed, and I soon discovered that sitting on an air mattress isn’t much better than sitting on the floor when it comes to getting work done. A couch is a much better option when it comes to working on a laptop.

We ended up going out and buying a nice, round “moon” chair for our son, since we figured he’d need someplace to sit as well. We’re working on putting together a space for him, since we left almost everything of his (it was too “young” for a boy approaching middle school) behind. However, the chair is far more comfortable than the floor, so my husband and I are taking turns appropriating it to get work done.

However, the real moment of enlightenment arrived when I decide that I really do want to have a desk in a dedicated work area in my home. I’ve been using the laptop almost exclusively for the last two weeks. And I’m tired of it. I like the desktop for work. I left the old plastic table I was using as a desk behind (we donated a large portion of our stuff), thinking that I’d keep the desktop computer for a little while, just in case, but believing that I would fully commit to the laptop for work.

Now I see that just won’t work. The laptop works well when I want to go on a vacation, and my work is limited, but as far as using it for my main work computer goes? Nah. So I’ll need to find a simple desk and chair for my office as well.

What are the limits to your minimalism? What things do you feel like you need to be comfortable?

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