I Like Buying Nice Things

I’ve managed to make it to my new home. My family has been in place for a little less than two weeks, and we are getting to know the area and setting up the apartment. Actually, the apartment is mostly set up. We’re just waiting on a few more articles of furniture to really flesh things out.

See, when we downsized because because of the move, we might have gone a¬†little too far. We got rid of a lot of the stuff that wasn’t worth the cost of packing up and bringing. This includes things like the plastic table in my home office, many of our cheap pressboard bookcases, and our son’s plastic for-toddlers bedroom set.

nice things

Upon arriving, it became apparent that we needed a few things. I discovered that a chair is really helpful when it comes to getting work done. We realized that my son would need a chest of drawers and a bed for his room. And bookshelves are helpful as well. We may no longer have thousands of books (thanks, Kindle!), but I still have a few old collector-type books and my son has scores of books of his own.

So we decided to start looking into buying furniture. At this point I discovered that, while I am generally more of an experience person than a things person, I still like to buy nice things. If I’m going to buy something, I want it to be nice.

Quality in Your Home

Being a minimalist — or at least applying a few minimalist principles in your life — doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of everything. It’s about reducing what you have to the essentials, and getting rid of the clutter that doesn’t add to your life.

Adding quality furniture to our home is a nice touch. Since we live near Amish country, we decided that quality craftsmanship was our priority. So we began poking around. I found an inexpensive piece that I like at an antique shop. We also ordered some custom-built items from local Amish craftsmen. We’ll have to wait for those items, but I have a feeling it’s worth the wait.

I’m to the point that if I’m going to buy something for my home, it needs to have functionality¬†and add beauty. Since I am an experience person, having something nice to enjoy is part of the whole lifestyle that I enjoy. Plus, I’ve enjoyed looking at these things.

Being a minimalist doesn’t mean that you have to be cheap. It really depends on your focus. I’m not going to have a lot of furniture in my home, but the furniture I do have is going to be of high quality, and have aesthetic qualities as well as performing a needed function. It’s something that we are able to do now that we have moved and gotten rid of most of our stuff.

While we won’t replace everything we got rid of, there are some things we will replace. And these items will, hopefully, bring a little more enjoyment to our home.

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