I Have A Two-Stair Classic Style Home: Am I Still a Minimalist?

I’ve been writing on this blog for some time now and I’ve always wondered what readers would think of my house. I have a confession to make: my home has basically nothing to do with minimalism. So, am I still a minimalist to you?


Let me share with you a short story that hopefully won’t be too boring! 😉 We (my husband and I) built our house ourselves with the help of subcontractors over 7 years ago. We always liked classic style when it comes to housing. However, we have simpler tastes now than at that time. If we were to rebuild, I don’t think we would make the same decisions.

Still, it is our home. We worked hard for this dream to come true and we ended up paying a lot less than what it is worth. Therefore, putting it up for sale and moving would not necessarily be advantageous for us and as much as I would like to live more in the country, we just can’t because of my husband’s job. It is a job that he likes too.

Although I’m not that much attached to material things, this home also saw the history of our family growing. The rooms slowly filled up with the arrival of our two boys, leaving cherished memories in the meantime. We could probably live in a smaller house, but it would have to be designed in a very efficient way. And, as I said, it is our home…


Why I Am Still Minimalist

Yet, I feel we are more minimalist that most people who surround us. Why is that?



Even though we have a classic style home, the interior decoration is rather simple. We don’t redecorate every two years just because there’s something more trendy. We prefer making things evolve when possible. We do plan on repainting for a refresher and a less heavy look that reflects more our minimalist living.


Environmental Friendly

We are concerned what kind of environmental impact we might have. We are trying to turn into a greener family. This is a work in progress.

It is also for that purpose and for health values that we decided to be part-time vegetarian and have a minimalist pantry.



This is the most important point. I feel minimalism is related to our attitude rather than our belongings. Yes, one influences the other, but the number of belongings one “needs” is very relative to many circumstances. We surely have “more” as a family of soon-to-be 5 than as just a couple.

For example, my boys sure have more than only what is necessary for them, especially toys. Truth is, most of it come from gifts. As I mentioned in a recent post, there are many things that I keep for the other baby to come. I decluttered some of it and will surely do more when the baby period is over! What really matters are the values we try to teach them. My four year old is slowly learning the difference between a desire and a need… but that’s a long lesson to learn!

We also reuse a lot. Our third baby is a girl and I don’t see the need to change all the things I have for pink and flowers equipment. I plan on reusing what is still good. There are also a lot of pieces of clothing that can be worn by both a girl and a boy. I don’t associate that with being cheap or frugal, but rather to our real needs.

We like decluttering and we don’t accumulate that much even though we have kids. We prefer donating our stuff to those in need than keeping it when it is unused.

We are against overconsumption. We only have one car, we don’t buy something we already have unless the old one is broke. We prefer buying classic stuff than what’s on trend. We prefer the simple over the extraordinary and experiences over things.

I could probably go on, but what I’m basically trying to say is that minimalism lies within our head and our heart rather than our house. We might not, at first glance, reflect the perfect example of minimalism, but we think it is linked with values rather than things. We found some balance that works for us and are ready for it to evolve..


Let me know: do you think I’m still a minimalist?

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