I am living in a hotel again

Part One was about 3 years ago, but now it has happened again.

I am officially living in a hotel (I am paying for it 100%) for at least until the end of this year, so about 5 months.

I was unofficially living out of a hotel 2 months ago, but I had another apartment to go home to, so it wasn’t technically the same.

The price is outrageous compared to if we were to rent an apartment but that’s because I can’t bloody find one that is quiet enough to live in, on such a short notice.

I have one suitcase and 2 carry-ons, with a ensuite kitchen so I can cook, so I’m happy.

I am also going to go through another wardrobe purge, because I do think I have too many things (still).

Does anyone want me to write a post on any of the above?

Please be specific as to what you want me to write about. Thanks 😀

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