How your gifts are really valued

Don’t get me wrong, I think gifts are great and people who give them are generous and kind.

It’s just that as a minimalist, it can be hard to say “No” to a gift because we really won’t use it and don’t want the clutter, yet we can’t seem to bring ourselves to hurt their feelings.

Here’s how to deal with and stop bad gifts, or you can always just give the gift of.. nothing! 🙂

Some key statistics:

Gift-receivers will mark down the value of the gift just because it’s a gift down to as low as 18%. If they bought it themselves, it’d be worth its price or more.

Gift cards go unredeemed, to the tune of $2.5 billion in one holiday season.

Me? I love cold hard cash, treats or getting together to eat a little, talk a little and laugh a lot.

Via We Pay

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