How to Make Your Belongings Last Longer

Twenty-eight percent of Americans don’t have any savings for emergencies, according to a 2016 Bankrate study. Even if we have the money to spare, none of us want to waste money repairing or replacing our possessions before we have to. Whether you’re living on a tight budget or you simply hate waste, the following tips will help you keep your belongings lasting longer.

Avoid Harsh Chemical Cleaners

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From furniture to clothes, the items you own don’t like harsh chemicals. Switch to more natural cleaning alternatives to make your items last longer. Rather than taking your suits to a dry cleaner after every wear, use a steamer to keep them fresher for longer. Use eco-friendly products to launder your clothes and polish your furniture. These products won’t degrade the materials as quickly so your items will look better for longer.

Rotate the Items You Use

We’re creatures of habit. We tend to reach for the same outfits from our wardrobes in the morning and pull out the same chairs when we sit down for dinner each night. These habits may make us feel comfortable, but they’ll make our items wear out faster. Break out of your comfort zone and remember to rotate.

Your favorite clothes will wear out faster if they’re subject to constant wear and laundering. Try to limit their use and reach for the more neglected pieces in your wardrobe. Rotating your footwear gives your shoes time to air out, which reduces the risk of premature aging. If you have a large dining set, rotate the chairs periodically so that you’re not sitting on the same ones and wearing through the cushions.

Make Time For Regular Maintenance

Many items in your household need regular maintenance to prolong their lives. Take note of the maintenance requirements and schedules of your major appliances. You may want to enter the details into a spreadsheet or calendar so that you don’t miss an appointment. You can tackle simple maintenance tasks, such as cleaning the filter in your vacuum cleaner, yourself. Leave more complex jobs, such as maintaining your home’s HVAC system, to the professionals.

Take Care to Reduce Wear and Tear

Taking a little extra care can reduce the wear and tear on your items. If you see large debris on the floor, pick it up or use a dustpan and brush or broom instead of pushing your vacuum over it. Large items can get stuck in the hose or rotating brush or scratch the inside of your vacuum.

Don’t overload your pockets with heavy wallets and keys, because these items will put stress on the fabrics. Check those pockets carefully before your put your clothes in the wash, because small items such as coins and keys can degrade or break the machine’s drum. Wash more regularly, rather than overloading your machine and putting strain on its motor.

We live in a notoriously disposable society, but with care, you can buck the trend and make the items you own last longer.

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