How to Achieve a Minimalist Office Environment but Keep all the Right Peripherals

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If you work from home or in a big business having a clear desk helps to have a clear head to get work done more efficiently. According to a survey around 90 per cent of employees and business owners believe cluttered desks and disorganization impacts their work negatively. Achieving a minimalist office environment and keeping all the right peripherals could increase productivity-so start clearing.

Invest In a Drawer

If your desk has piles of paperwork, pens, folders and anything else why not keep all of it tided away in a drawer? First of all sort out all the documents and recycle those that you don’t need. The ones that you need file them away and place them in your drawer-they will be easier to find this way too. If you have office supplies keep them altogether in the drawer as well. The drawer might replace your desk and become cluttered so it is best to clear it from time to time.


Digitalising documents will not only clear some space on your new minimalist desk it will also help save the environment. The less paperwork you accumulate means a more minimalist desk. If you think about whether you really need printed copies you could save lots of money on materials like ink and paper-reducing waste and the businesses carbon footprint.


With so much new technology out there make the most of multifunctional machines. If your office environment requires printing, scanning, and photocopying why not invest in one machine that can do all of that? You might be able to sell all of your old equipment to generate funds for the new machine. As for your franking machine there are new models out there which are far more compact than there older predecessors if you’re worried about costs search around for the best franking quotes on franking machines.

Cordless If You Can

Tangled wires and full plug sockets can be a drain on electricity as well as draining your office environments zen. If you can try to convert your desktop to a laptop they take up less space as well as being portable so you can do your work on the go if needs be. Wireless technology like a wireless mouse can free up a lot of space on your desk as well as promoting a minimalist style.

Don’t Stop At Your Desk

As you have started spring cleaning early with your office desk there is no need to stop at just your desk. If you work from home why not clear out all of your home office? Make your whole office environment minimalist by getting rid of everything you no longer use or that has become a distraction. If you work in a big office you could get the rest of your colleagues on board by helping them clear out their desks. That way the working environment will have a minimalist way of thinking which will promote productivity.

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