How Minimalism Lets You Do What You Love

One of the things I love about simplifying my lifestyle is the way that it allows me more freedom to do what I love. While I still sometimes have to do things I don’t want to do (don’t we all?), and while there are days that I’m not too keen on working, most of the time my lifestyle allows me a great deal of freedom.

Applying a few minimalist principles in your life can help you reduce the clutter in your home and in your life — and increase the chance that you will be able to do what you love.

Less Stuff Means Fewer Commitments

No, you don’t have to get rid of everything to simplify your life and add a little minimalist philosophy to the way you do things. However, if you can get rid of some of your stuff, you might be surprised at how much freedom you have.

First of all, buying stuff costs money. If you are always buying the latest gadget, and if you fill your home with material possessions, the costs start to add up. Instead of doing the job you might enjoy, you might need a high paying and stressful job that you might not particularly like in order to finance your cluttered lifestyle.

One of the things my husband and I have found is that a smaller house means that we are forced to limit what we buy. On top of that, the smaller house means that we have a smaller mortgage, lower property taxes, and reduced utility bills. The extra money can be used on things we actually want to do, rather than being spent on consumables.

Plus, having less stuff and living in our smaller home also means that we have more flexibility. My husband can do what he loves — teach — and I can work from home. We aren’t forced into working long hours for a lifestyle that we don’t even want. Instead, we are fairly location independent (as long as he can find a university to teach at), and we aren’t always trying to maintain a large home full of stuff.

An Untethered Lifestyle

Reducing the amount of stuff you have also allows you to live a lifestyle that is a little more untethered. You don’t have to worry about what to do with your things when you’re gone, and you can just move somewhere else if you are ready to.

While a completely nomadic lifestyle isn’t something I am interested in, I still like the fact that I can just go somewhere. If my husband decides he wants to go away for the weekend, I can do that. We have few obligations when it comes to work, and most of the work obligations we do have are rather flexible. Since we don’t have many demands, it’s easy to meet the demands we do have.

Take the time to think about what you love to do. Why aren’t you doing more of it? If the answer is “money,” then it might be time to evaluate what you can do to reduce the way money seems to be running your life. And often, the first step is to de-clutter and get rid of some of that stuff that’s dragging you down.

Image: Kathy Ponce via Flickr

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