Saturday Project: How about being lazy once in a while?

It might sound counter intuitive considering I just did a post on Productivity on Saturday, but I feel like I put myself under a lot of pressure.

I want to be a perfectionist in all things, be it sewing absolutely, perfectly straight lines when I am mending something, or getting every ounce of gunk off my boots when I am cleaning.

And maybe, you are just like me!!

Perhaps we could all afford to be “lazy” once in a while.

Being lazy certainly has a bad connotation.

No one wants to be called lazy.

But it seems to be the most apt word to describe what I am proposing here.

I am not advocating doing a bad job, but maybe the next time you want to fill your days full of activities to show how great you are as a husband, father, provider and career man, you should cut back, and be “lazy”.


Instead of mowing the grass every week (like a lady I knew), try doing it every 3 weeks.

Leave it be.

I once learned from a landscaper that grass needs to be allowed to grow.

It’s how it keeps healthy, and if you mow the lawn every week it can actually be to its detriment.

And you could be using that energy towards your other pursuits such as napping to help your body de-stress.

Or spending time outside, enjoying your well-kept lawn and reading that book you picked up.

We don’t need to be busy all the time, or to constantly be spit-polishing our image.

Being a little lazy once in a while can be a good, even productive endeavour.

Just use your common sense and your sense of moderation.

So start today. Choose something, a task on your To Do list that you can be lazy with.

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