Help Wanted From Readers: How to Organise a One Week Travel for a Family of Five?

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It’s been awhile that I’ve discussed a travel topic over here. I think the reason is quite simple: I don’t know where to start! Fortunately, I have time ahead of me to organise my thoughts. I must admit I need your help as I know readers on this blog just love traveling!


What’s The Travel?

On the very beginning of 2017, so a little more than a year from now, we’ll be traveling to Costa Rica for a week with our three kids. At that time, their ages will be as follow: 5, 3, 1. Although I like traveling, I didn’t do much of it yet. 🙁 It is, as you can imagine, even harder now with the kids, mostly on a financial level. That’s why I’m a bit lost on where to start!

We’re lucky enough to already know where we will stay, and with no charge! In fact, my sister and brother-in-law are doing a one-year RV trip next year. We will meet them in Costa Rica for a family reunion. They already rented a villa in which we can stay for the week. So exciting! 🙂

Still, I need your tips on the following points:


1. Savings

What are the most efficient and pleasant ways you found to put money in savings account for traveling? I sure know some but I want to hear from you! As a family of five, we will need a couple thousands only for the plane. We also want some spare money for our spending while we’re there.


2. Suitcases

I’ve already put myself to test as I wrote before. However, I still need a lot of practice in that matter. Practice that I’m not sure I will be able to get!

According to my kids age (5, 3, 1), what do you think is truly essential to bring and what is better to just buy or get once we get there?

Any ways of folding clothes that you found more efficient?

Your must-haves?


3. Plane

It will be the first time they will get on an airplane. The three of them. I must admit this is one thing that stresses me a lot. It is also a long travel for us. Around 12-15 hours.

How do you keep them busy?

How to make them sleep?

How to react if/when tears or kids crisis occur?

What to bring on the plane?


4. Pre-Travel Preparation

I thought about organising a “travel board” or something like that on which I could pin images that relate to the travel we will be making. I think that can really help children positively anticipating what’s to come.

Ever tried something similar?

What kind of preparation do you make with the kids before leaving?


5. About The Country

By then, I’ll sure have good input from my sister as they will stay in Costa Rica around 2 months before we arrive. But I’m still curious to know more about this country. I sure will read around, but it’s always fun to hear from people who went there. If it’s your case, please share your experience with me! 🙂


I can’t wait to read you! Do not hesitate to share my questions with the travelers you may know! It’s still far away, but I sure can’t wait to share my experience with you once I get back too… and maybe while we get prepared as well!


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