Heal Thyself: Insurance is Important for Those Unexpected Injuries


Are you aware there is an insurance policy that can cover you from sudden injuries? Well, personal accident insurance products can prove beneficial when the unexpected happen, and you are desperate for instant help. While it’s impossible to predict accidents, you can always reduce financial costs that come with accidents. Injury can wipe out all your finances now and in future, if it leads to disability.

 Why is a personal injury insurance plan beneficial?

A standard plan should cover you against both disability and death caused by an accident, but the policy can be tailored to offer you extra protection. The insurance product covers all sorts of injuries—both major and minor.

Premium rates for personal accident insurance plans are low in comparison to other products.  So you don’t have to break the bank for the fear that you will fall on a motorbike or get run over by a car. Typically, it should cost 0.1 % of your total coverage— so, for example, if you are getting coverage for $250, you’ll only need to pay $25 per year.

Personal injury insurance is a must-have as it takes care of mild, temporary or full disability as well as death. Inquire directly from your insurer concerning this policy; most brokers bundle it with other plans because they don’t get a fatter commission from such sales.

Therefore, for instance, at InsureSTAT the personal injury insurance may be built into a motor insurance policy and offered to you at an extra fee. You can also enjoy an all-inclusive plan from private insurance companies so that you are covered from any mishap that may impact on your funds now and in future. But this will obviously come at a higher fee.

As with other policies, it helps to understand the fine print!

Often, this is what happens: You can only claim Hospitalization Benefit if you are admitted to the hospital within 7 days of the injury.

You also must be hospitalized for at least 24 hours at least for firm to authorize the activation of your. What’s more, if you suffer temporary disability, the firm will pay you a weekly lump sum for about two years— or according to the time frame stipulated in your plan. However, the policy is only valid if this disability prevents you from going to your place of work. This means you have to present a doctor’s certificate as proof of disability and you’ll begin receiving these funds only two months after the injury.

Make sure your disability is clearly specified in your certificate and claim so that it is not questionable.

Remember there’s also a difference between coverage for total disability and partial disability. That’s why you shouldn’t fear asking questions. Find out what “total disability” includes and what it doesn’t cover. Do the same for partial disability plans. You only get insured for what your policy covers.


Cover any potential injuries upfront. It is better to take precaution that wait for things to get messed up. You never know when calamity may strike.

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