Harald Seiz: Application Options of Gold


Wealth diversification allows you to enjoy multifaceted benefits of your assets. While some paper derivatives are quite limited, gold and other precious metals offer a myriad of value propositions. Learn about just a few of the many application options for the gold metal.


“Underlying Value”


The petrodollar demonstrates the importance of having a solid, physical, tangible asset, backing a paper currency. Gold has always been appreciated for its beauty, durability and conductivity. Gold has always been the top standard for precious metals on planet Earth.

As a soft, malleable precious metal, gold can be easily pounded, melted and shaped into very thin layers. Gold has been added to chocolate cakes and Notre Dame football helmets. Here are just a few of the numerous applications for gold:


  • Jewelry & Decoration
  • Value System $ Currency
  • Electronics
  • Medicine
  • Optics
  • Nanoparticles


The yellow glow of gold mirrors the sun and makes individuals feel like royalty when they wear the precious metal for rings, necklaces and watches. Gold is used for currency exchange in the form of coins and bars. When there is uncertainty, merchants still respect the intrinsic value found in gold.

Most cell phones, televisions and radios have some gold in them, due to its high resistivity and conductivity. Gold is used in dentistry and medicine because it does not rust or tarnish. Gold is also useful for its hardening properties.

Reflective optical coatings might consist of thin layers of gold. The purity of gold is also key in nanoparticles used for sensory probes, therapeutic agents and biological drug delivery. Solar panels also rely on gold’s potent reflective properties.


“Gold Karatbars Retain Value”


All paper corporate stock shares eventually decline to zero. With my gold Karatbars, you will always have something valuable. My name is Harald Seiz and I am the founder and CEO of Karatbars International GmbH. I give you the ability to control your destiny by adding gold Karatbars to your financial portfolio.


If you visit a local jeweler, you might find individuals selling off their valuable gold and silver rings, necklaces and coins. Harald Seiz Karatbars are your own physical, tangible insurance policies during tough times. These are respected in all nations because gold can always be melted down for any of the aforementioned applications. Add some more security to your wealth portfolio with gold Karatbars.

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