Good News: Technology Can’t Solve All Problems After All

This might be an obvious statement but it’s true. If you think about companies that are able to automate a lot of what they do, Google and Facebook would certainly be on the top of that list right?

However, there is an interesting trend in tech these days. Sure, there are more and more websites that try to solve all of the world’s problems with algorithms, etc. But a few others like Facebook are starting to hire more humans to go through and manage news, determine which articles or content is more interesting, etc.

Who Would Have Guessed It?

Yes, it does seem like humans are not over-matched by robots in everything. It doesn’t seem shocking that a human is better at determining what is an interesting news story and what isn’t… so why is it so shocking to some of these companies?

I guess the trend towards automation and computing has been so strong and dates so many years back that we all assume that whenever robots can execute a task, they do it in a more optimal way but clearly, a human understanding is also critical?

Do you feel like people around you, your employer or others have an exaggerated view of how much technology can help? Do you think we’ll end up scaling back towards humans a lot more?

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