Going Paperless: Replacing my Palm PDA (T|X) with an iPod Touch 64GB

My Palm which I have loved for years, is starting to go. The screen is not responding, the ‘handwriting’ option on this thing is getting annoying (why didn’t they keep it simple like with all the other Palms?!) and it’s on its last legs.

I had considered all of the following options:

  • Buy another Palm (but they’re discontinued now, the PDAs)
  • Buy an iPad — the price is prohibitive and I want something small and mobile
  • Buy a Macbook Air — again, price is a problem and I wanted something that would turn on quickly with a tap
  • Don’t buy anything, move back to paper and pen

The cheapest option is just to move back to paper and pen, but it’s getting annoying to try and remember all of the info you need without a handy PDA that works properly to prompt you.


  • No phone or internet plan**, I just want an organizer; BF and I share a cellphone and I can’t leave my organizer with him!!
  • **(We also pay $26/month for a cellphone and I want to keep it that way)
  • No smartphone with buttons that eat up half the space
  • Nothing with a lack of major space, I know 16-32GB is already a lot, but the more the better I say
  • Something similar to my Palm but.. prettier? 🙂
  • Awesome note taking capabilities

So enter, the Apple iPod Touch 64GB:

My decision is to shell out $429 CAD and buy an application for note-taking Awesome Notes for $3.99.

I really wanted something on par with Palm’s Memos, Calendar and To Do list.

I was iffy on Apple/i-anything products because their simple Memos app that comes with the phone is a joke, but this Awesome Notes application looks perfect for me.

Shame about that awful name.

Go to the company site here, read about it here, and watch the video here:

Doesn’t it look great? I love the password protect option and how pretty it is.

I am going to use it to stay paperless and keep track of the following:

  • Notes/Memos
  • Contacts
  • Fast Calculator
  • To Do Lists
  • Calendar (you can set up the To Do items with dates)
  • Grocery List
  • Shopping List
  • Books to Read
  • Recipes with photos, and so on…!
  • Plan out my trips (itinerary, addresses, major landmarks, etc)
  • As a quick camera (I have my real one for major photos)
  • As a video camera (hello nieces and nephews about to be caught in embarrassing childhood moments!)
  • Quick internet whatever, if there’s wifi around

They say Apple Apps are like tattoos. Once you get one, you want more.

So readers, what other apps would you recommend?

Practical ones, preferably. I want this as an organizer for my life.

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