Finding Time for Meditation When You Travel

I love to travel. However, travel tends to put me off my schedule. Everything from when I work to when I eat is turned upside down by travel. Sometimes, it’s hard to find time for meditation when you’re on the go.

The good news is that it is possible to stay grounded and refresh yourself, even when you aren’t home, and even when your travel schedule gets hectic.

Why Meditate While Traveling?

My husband thinks it a little odd that I try to stick to some sort of meditation, even when I travel. Everything else about my life is interrupted, so it seems natural that I wouldn’t take time for meditation, either. However, I find that meditation, even while traveling, is very helpful.

There are two main reasons that I like to stick to meditation even while I travel:

It calms me: First of all, meditation can help calm you during travel. While you’re in transit, and while you’re at your destination, there are a lot of opportunities to get riled up. Small meditations, and maintaining some type of meditation practice while you are on the road can help you deal with inconveniences and help keep you calm, even while things seem to be falling apart.

It refreshes me: I also like how meditation refreshes me. When I travel, I don’t sleep as well. A lot of the time (especially if I’m at a conference) I am up late. I don’t eat as well, and sometimes I go a day or more without eating. As a result of all this upheaval, it’s hard to feel refreshed. This is where meditation comes in. A few minutes of meditation can refresh you, and help you prepare for what’s next.

You don’t have to meditate for a long period of time to reap the benefits during travel. Even short meditations can help you while you are on the go.

Tips for Meditating While Traveling

Meditating while traveling can be a bit challenging. Clearly, if you have a hotel room, you can meditate for a few minutes in the morning to start your day. If you are in an airplane, you might have the chance to meditate for a significant amount of time. However, it can be a little more difficult at other times.

Here are a few tips to help you get some of the benefits of meditation, even while you are on the go:

Deep breaths: Part of meditating is taking deep breaths. Slow down a bit and breathe deeply. Even if you only do this for two or three minutes, you can see some great benefit.

Close your eyes: As you take your breaths, close your eyes. Even closing your eyes for a slow count of 20, while you breath in once and breath out once, deeply, can center you, calm you, and prepare you for the next challenge.

Look for a quite place: Sometimes, all you need to do is sit in stillness for a few minutes. I like to look for a meditation room/chapel present in some airports. If you are on a busy street in a foreign country, look for a sacred space (even if it doesn’t match your beliefs) and duck in for a few minutes of quiet. Sometimes, during breaks at a conference, I just go to a quiet corner of the lobby for five minutes to recoup.

What do you think? Do you meditate while you travel? What are your tips?

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