Finding a New Passion

I have been a horse rider for over 20 years. They are my happiness.  Except for my years in university during which I couldn’t ride as often, my weekly meetings with these gracious animals were among my highlights.

Turning into a mom has not changed that. After my first two children, I’ve been able to come back to my sport with no problems. However, when the third child arrived,  things didn’t turn out as I thought. I did go back to my sport and try to dedicate myself to it as before. It worked for a couple months. Reality stroke back though.

She started sleeping through her nights at 15 months. By then I was exhausted. Having the two others to take care of and, you know, life in general, led me to rethink about my schedule, my occupations, etc.

I was not happy anymore. I was tired and impatient. I was my own shadow; going through one day and another not knowing my “purpose”, so to speak. So I left for a weekend by myself. My goal was clear: I needed to know what I am again. Not the wife, the mom, the friend or the sister, only my own self, the woman I’ve become. I’ve come to the conclusion horseback riding was not a good fit for now. I felt I needed to spend more time with my family. I needed to find simpler things to do, things that would demand less time but that would still highlight my days. I needed to find new passions.

Easily said. Hardly Done.

Don’t get me wrong. I still feel my first passion of horseback riding inside of me. The fire is still burning. It’s just paused. It’s now a time to discover other parts of me. But how do I do that? A passion is a gift. Something that gives us access to our best. Something to refer to when we want to surpass ourselves. To me, a passion is not a common thing that can be bought at the groceries like a box of cereal!

Trying New Things

Ever heard of the sentence: When is the last time you did something for the first time? Well, this is what I have tried to apply for a couple weeks now. I’m trying to find a new passion through things I’ve never really tried before or didn’t take time to pursue.

Cycling and Running

I started with two things I’ve always enjoyed but never really dedicated to. I’ve tried running on and off for the last 5 years. I now concentrate on 20 to 30 minutes of running and only for the fun. I realised I’m a natural performer. I like to perform. So I was trying to perform at running in the last years. My attitude has now changed. I’m sure it could change for horseback riding over time, too. But as it is a love story, I need to train myself elsewhere first!

In any case, changing my attitude changed the fun. And so, I now enjoy running like I never did before.

Same goes for cycling. I have been doing spin classes for over 3 years and still enjoy it. I will push myself a little bit more into that and go cycling as often as possible. I would like to complete a duathlon in the next months. I didn’t find a matching date for that project yet. Stay tuned!

What’s to come?

With summer beginning, I also intend to walk more in the nature.

I’d also like to do more camping and see if that could turn into a family passion… or not!

On top of my head, I also think about singing lessons, crossfit, playing music again, playing golf and also non-sport related passions like writing, reading, planting flowers and traveling.

Honestly, in the search of a new passion I’ve discovered that life has too much to offer to do the same thing all your life. I’ll surely go back to horseback riding at some point. It’s part of who I am. But having times in your life in which you do everything besides what you’re used to can also make you grow as a person. Experiences are worth so much! And I intend to try many of them!

Now let me know. What is your passion? Have you discovered a new one lately?

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