Fighting the Clutter Creep in a New Apartment

When we moved across the country, we got rid of a bunch stuff. In fact, we got rid of most of possessions. We knew they wouldn’t fit in the apartment, and we didn’t want to pay the expense related to moving them 2,000 miles anyway. We had been through different rounds of decluttering prior to moving, and we were ruthless in our efforts when it came time to pack up and move on.

clutter creep

But something has happened since we have moved. Clutter is sort of creeping back. For the most part we’ve been able to keep the worst of it at bay, but I’ve noticed that there is some clutter creeping back. Here are some of the reasons we are likely seeing more clutter:

  • We have replaced some of the things we left behind: A lot of what we left behind was of low quality, and some of it needed to be replaced. Our minimalist apartment soon started filling up. One of the first things we replaced was my desk. (I still feel as though I need a desk.) However, some of the other things we bought probably weren’t needed. We didn’t need more bookshelves, since my son and I mostly get new reading material via Kindle. There are other items that we have added to our establishment that we didn’t really need to, but did just to replace some of what we had left.
  • It’s the holidays: While we don’t actually buy that much — comparatively speaking — during the holidays, we still buy things. And this time of year is resulting in a little bit of clutter. Part of it is just bringing the containers of decorations upstairs. Until we replace the regular ornaments with the holiday decor, we are likely to have a little more clutter. And, of course, we have some gifts that we are buying for others. And, of course, it’s hard to say no to some of the great deals that we run across.

Of course, many people would look at what we’ve bought and say that we really haven’t bought that much stuff. However, we no longer have a house to put it in. The smaller apartment makes it harder to hide some of the clutter away. As a result, I find myself frustrated by the clutter creep.

So, I’m back to actively fighting the clutter. We are working on trying to limit the clutter creep in our home in order to avoid filling the apartment up. Part of what we’ve done is institute a quality test. Instead of buying just anything, we make it a point to ensure that what buy is of high quality. If it isn’t high quality, we decide to pass on it. Another thing we’re doing is making sure everything has a place. We slipped a bit on that just before our move, but we are stricter about not buying something unless there is a clear purpose and place for it. So far, we’ve been able to limit the clutter creep, and I hope that we can keep things relatively tidy going forward.

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