Downsizing and Saving on Your Move

For many years you’ve had your basement, attic, and garage filled with items and furnishings you’ve acquired over the years. Now you’ve decided that you’d like to scale back and take on a more minimalistic lifestyle. You’ve found a smaller home in another state that has the layout and location¬†you desire. Now you just need to find a home for the belongings you are leaving behind and hire movers to take the rest across the country for as little as possible.

Getting Your Belongings Ready to Move

Packing up a home can become very stressful and time-consuming. However, if you declutter first and then pack you’ll only have the items left in each room that you are taking along. Deciding to acquire a minimalist lifestyle means that you remove all of the items you no longer use or need. You can use your garage as a place where you transport belongings to. Once you have all of the rooms cleaned out and the extra items removed then you need to decide what you want to do with them. If you’ve collected things for many years and have grown children more than likely you have quite an assortment of goods ranging from clothing to furniture that you need to remove. This presents you with several choices. You can opt to contact your local charity and donate everything. You can give items away to neighbors, family members, and friends. Or, you could have a yard sale and use the money earned towards the cost of your move.

Where Can I Find Movers

Now that you have the extras removed from your home and know exactly what you will bring, it’s time to find professional movers. If you look through the phone book or go online, you can find several dozen moving companies listed. In order to narrow your search and find the right one, you should check their customer reviews and how long they are in service. Once you have those two questions answered, then you can select 3 to 4 companies like North American Van Lines, that meet your criteria. Now that you have 4 to choose from, it’s time to contact each one of them and acquire a written estimate. If any one of the moving companies will not provide you with a written estimate, it’s best to remove them and select another.

How to Save Money On the Move

So you have your home reduced to the bare essentials and de-cluttered. This is great. By removing half or even a third of what you started out with you are minimizing the cost to transport your belongings too. There are other ways to save even more money on your move. First, if you can make a date of your choosing to move, then try to avoid the time frame from May through September. During those months is the peak season which can translate to an increase in the cost for the moving company by up to 25%. In addition to avoiding those months, you should also plan your move for a week day and enjoy modest savings.

Reviewing Your Items at a Later Date

Embracing a minimalist lifestyle is new to you and will take some practice. This is why it’s very important to give your home one last look through before starting the packing process. Some items that you may have decided to keep a few days earlier, may now not fit in with what you did keep. If you want to gain incentive to clean out those few extra items, just keep in mind that everything you bring will take up space and thus cost you more money. Make sure they are worth the additional expense.


Now that you have your movers scheduled and your home decluttered, it’s time to pack up your belongings. Before you purchase boxes from the moving company¬†or local UPS store, there are ways to get all the boxes you need without spending any additional money. Local retail stores and supermarkets generally dispose of their supply boxes a least once a week. If you time it right, you can pick as many up as you want in a wide range of sizes. Just make sure before you load up your car, that you bring along a tape measure and check the sizes of the boxes. Your written estimate from the moving company has specific sizes of boxes list on the quote. If you pack too many of one size versus another or you use a size box that’s not on the estimate, you could end up paying more.

Even when you declutter and reduce your inventory down by half you still have a lot of work in front of you. However, if you design a plan of action and stick to it, you will get everything accomplished in no time at all.

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