Do You Sleep Next To Your Smartphone?

I sometimes wonder if our new way of living will have an impact on our health down the road. Think about all of the things that were proven to have negative health effects many years later. Sometimes it was food, medicine, etc.

We now live in an age where there are frequencies broadcasted by cell phone networks, wifi’s, and so many others. Increasingly, we use such devices before going to bed and right after waking up which makes it very convenient to leave our smartphone on our nightstand. I know that I do. Not only that but I also always wear my Fitbit device which tracks among other things how I sleep. Do such devices have an impact?

Some scientists ended up testing how a plant would grow if it was placed next to a wireless router and the answer was: not very well.

You can read the entire article here: What’s wifi doing to us? Experiment finds that shrubs die when placed next to wireless routers

Good thing is, the experiment can’t prove harm is due to frequencies and might only be related to the warmth produced by wireless routers. Still, skeptical part of me is having a doubt or two! Especially when many studies have clearly shown that long cell phone are possibly carcinogenic.

It’s Only Getting Worse

If you think that we’ll be able to escape all these signal emitting devices, you might have a big challenge on your hands. Increasingly, devices are being added to things like cars, fridges, tv’s, etc. So those are becoming much more frequent, not the opposite.

Should we discover there’s a real impact on our health, I also wonder if it’s bigger on children than adults. As showed in this Children and Technology post, we know for a fact that using wireless devices are part of their daily routine. This means that our children will be exposed to these radiations for at least 10-15 years more than us. I do think it’s scary!

Does this stuff scares you? Any thoughts?


Image credit: Hidden Router, Quote

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