Do You Minimize Your Energy Consumption?

I ran across this stunning chart and was floored. It’s so easy to take for granted the energy that we consume and this chart certainly puts that into perspective. I know that the amount of electricity that I consume is significant. If you add up all of the “necessary” stuff like heating, hot water, the fridge, etc, it adds up. Then, I can think of the electronics in the house such as computers, televisions, internet modem, etc.
When I leave my house, it’s only slightly better as I use gas in my car, batteries for my electronics (phone, tablet, etc).
One reassuring thing to know is that where I live, the vast majority of the electricity is generated by hydroelectric plants that would be considered renewable. Of course, gas/oil certainly isn’t but a decent part of my energy needs are. Still, it feels like I have not paid as much attention to this as I should.

“Smart” Power?

One co-worker ended up buying a Nest device which acts as a smart thermostat. It basically is able to run on schedules, detect movements, know when to turn on and off the heating/air conditioning which can be huge. Such technologies are only getting started but they do sound promising. I’d also love to see more come out of solar panels as those could significantly reduce energy needs if done at a large scale.

Have you ever thought about your energy use? Are you doing anything to reduce them?

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