Do You Listen To Audio Books?

I used to read books about all kinds of different subjects… finance, sports, biographies, history, etc. When I’d do a trip to New York City, one of my favorite stops was the Barnes & Nobles on 5th Avenue where I’d buy 4-5 books that I’d read in the following months. Times have changed though. A few weeks ago, I did a quick trip and spent about 30 minutes in the Barnes & Nobles. I did end up coming out empty handed though. It’s not for lack of interest. There were dozens of great books that I saw. But I know too well that I have 7 or 8 books to read at home. Unfortunately, at my current pace, I could be stuck there for a while. I have been able to make a few exceptions such as when Ben Mezrich (my favorite author) released his latest book “Straight Flush”. In general though, I’m barely reading 1 or 2 physical books per year. I do get a few digital ones through my Kindle but not nearly as much as I’d like.

Then I Tried Audible…

I know this will sound like some kind of advertisement but it’s not 🙂 I had heard about Audible a few times, it’s an audio book company owned by Amazon. I started using it and it’s been incredible so far. Why? Because I’m able to listen to all kinds of books while doing other things. Lately, I’ve been reading/listening books about parenting, the marines, about productivity, etc.

When Do I Listen To Audio Books?

I’ve been listening while cleaning things in the house or driving my car (in both cases, I feel like I’m not “losing” my time as much) but more than anything else, while running! I know that most runners listen to music, and I certainly understand it (and occasionally do the same).. but more often than not, I listen to podcasts or audio books. Perhaps it’s because I feel like I’m more “productive” or learning but I personally think it just makes it that more enjoyable for me to run. I’m able to think about something completely different and feel as if I were in a different world, it’s a great way to disconnect for me. I know that others prefer activities such as meditation where they empty their minds but I personally feel incredible after a good run listening to something that is either inspiring or just very entertaining.

I must mention though that the audio books I tried up to now are not novels. Maybe these would be a lot harder to listen to while running! 😉 Even if I’m not really the novel type, I might try a small one to listen with my son in a couple months (would love your suggestions on that too! About 1 year-old boy!) as stories are already part of his sleeping routine. I really think that listening to something really helps concentrating rather than flipping pages while so much is going on around. It surely is another reason why I preferred Audible to Kindle so far.

Have any of you tried listening to audio books? If so, do you have any to recommend? And do you use Audible or another service?

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