Do You Have Cable? Or Even A TV?

I’ve seen so many different debates about having a tv set. Serena had written about the fact that while she did not own a tv herself, she did still watch tv shows (through streaming). She also discussed why she believed that tv wasn’t evil. I have to say, I agree with both views. In fact, not only do I have a tv but I also have cable. I have been using it less and less as I also use Netflix and internet streaming but the main reason why I still have cable is because many sports events that I want to be able to see are currently only available (legally at least) through basic cable. And even those sporting events that are available online are often of lesser quality.

Breaking Down Cable

That being said, I think it’s fair to say that traditional cable’s existence is threatened. Not only is our generation spending less time watching cable tv than the previous one (as we shift to gaming, internet, etc) but there are also tens of different alternatives to see tv shows and other events through the internet, our phone, an entertainment device, etc.

Can you imagine the day where a channel like ESPN or HBO would start going directly to consumers, offering to stream all of its content for a few dollars per month? I would without any doubt be up for it as there are only so many channels that I really need. While I sometimes start flipping from one channel to another, it happens so rarely that I could easily let go of that to save a few dollars every month but also make my tv selection more “minimalist”.

So let’s give it a go, here are are the main benefits and drawbacks of subscribing to cable in my opinion:


-Get more choice and convenient access to live events, etc
-You can actually see the tv shows live (unlike most streaming) and thus not get all of the scoops


-Rising cost
-I would argue that you might lose more time wandering around channels
-Wandering around probably leads to more tv watched = more lost time
-More commercials (no doubt, there is a big discrepency
-Not feeling obligated to watch tv shows at a fixed time since it’s on demand

What are your thoughts? Have you gotten rid of cable or even your tv? Considering it?

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