Digital Activities to Try in 2019

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In this technology-driven era, there’s no escaping the fact that the internet has made the transition to minimalist living a lot easier. These days, we’d have a hard time finding some everyday activity that we can’t improve or even carry out with the help of the internet, as we can take care of everything from paying our utility bills to food shopping online. There may be a few digital activities that you haven’t tried yet, but give any of the following a go and see how you can enhance your minimalist life.

Organize Your Life

Despite all the technology that’s at our fingertips these days, how many of us remain productive and organized? In 2019, put your smartphone and laptop to good use with a selection of productivity and organizational apps and websites. Not only can these digital helpers sort out your workflow processes, but they can even automate daily tasks — freeing up your time for something much more meaningful.

Process Street is a free online tool that you can use to manage members’ workflows, procedures and checklists if you have a team to manage. It’s an excellent way to streamline processes, and it keeps everyone in clear communication.

Are you an iOS user? Download Timeful the next time you’re in the app store. This calendar/to-do list will free up time you never knew you had. Input your tasks, habits and hobbies, and the app will suggest the best times for you to complete them.

Smarter Time is a similar app for Android devices, but this goes one step further by generating reports on things like how you spend your day and which of your apps perform well. You can even use Smarter Time to improve your daily activity flow by setting customized goals that it will prompt you to achieve.

Go Back to School

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with data and information in the digital age, but this could be the year to finally take an online course if you want to engage with learning in a more meaningful way. Websites like and connect students with experts, global organizations and universities, ensuring that a wide variety of professional training and formal education is always available. No matter what your interests are, you’re bound to find a learning program that you can carry out online and even get certified at the end of it.

Boost Your Brain

You’re probably no stranger to playing games online or on your smartphone, but there are some activities and tools on the web that can help you make use of your brain’s full potential. is one such tool, providing genuine cognitive training exercises in a brain game format. It’s suitable for everyone and every age and offers customized games focused on core skills like memory, speed, flexibility and problem-solving. Lumosity is available both on the desktop and as a cross-platform app and currently features a new Mindfulness course for extra brain-boosting.

If you want to go a step further playing online games, learning to play something like Texas Hold ‘em can be an engaging way to spend your leisure time, and you’ll develop some impressive decision-making skills in the process. There are all sorts of resources out there where you can brush up on the rules of the game, but make sure that you only play for real in verified and reputable online poker platforms.

Become a Web Contributor

Should you find yourself with some spare time each week after using one of the mentioned productivity apps, why not put it to good use by contributing to the world wide web? Sign up to and connect with interesting people who you may also be able to help if you’ve got expert knowledge in a specialist subject. Avid bookworm? is the site you want to join. You can use it to create a virtual bookshelf, find book recommendations for new titles and publish reviews of your favorites. And of course, web titans like Wikipedia, IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes are always in need of new members to their contributor communities.

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