Decluttering Baby Stuff When Still Expecting

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So I’m at it again! Baby #3 is on its way for January and that means more stuff to come in. Not a big thing, as we already have it all with the boys, but if it’s a girl then I’m in trouble! 😉 I know our families will show their generosity once again, welcoming this third little baby!

That is why I’m seriously considering to declutter some baby stuff. I almost didn’t touch a thing because we knew we wanted at least one more. However, I have to face it, there’s too much for me to handle!

1. Make a List

What will be needed for the baby’s first months: Of course, that becomes easier to make after two previous pregnancies. You can simplify the process by skipping the bigger necessities (furniture, for example). In my case, it looks like this:

  • Face and bathing cloths (these get used so quickly!)
  • Bathing supplies
  • Carseat
  • Stroller
  • Crib sheets
  • Winter clothes and pajamas
  • Winter “Nid d’ange” for the carseat
  • Breastfeeding and/or feeding bottle equipment
  • Bibs
  • Bedroom decoration
  • Light blankets
  • 0-3 months toys, including play mat and stationary entertainer
  • Diapers and baby wipes… of course!

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2. Declutter!

Now that you know what to keep, time to get rid of things! Here’s a quick guide to know what can go.

  • Broken or too used: Be honest, that stained pajama won’t be used. It will stay at the bottom of the drawer. Better get rid of it. Or turn it into another use.
  • Doubles: Unless they’re very useful, get rid of doubles! If they’re still in good shape, you can donate them.
  • Never Used: Things you’ve got for previous children but never used. For example, a nursing pillow you never were comfortable with. Again, you can donate these to someone else who might make good use out of it.

**Keep in mind that yard sales are also an option to get some extra money for the baby while decluttering and making someone else happy! 😉

3. Don’t Go Too Fast!

That type of decluttering must be done with some caution. If you’re not sure about something, you might as well keep it a little longer and see later on. Going too fast might mean more money spent in the long run because you got rid of stuff you would still need!

The idea is simply to breathe easier and to get organized for the baby in the mean time.

baby organization

4. Get Organized

If not already done, it is time to organize the baby belongings according to its development. Identify boxes or bins according to the baby’s age. For example: “Small toys 0-3 months” or “Winter Boy Clothes 6-9 months”. That way, you won’t have to search when the baby arrives.

It might also be a good timing to prepare one or two bins for the baby’s room or care! Take advantage of the big discounts offered for things you’ve always need with a baby: pacifiers, blankets, bottle teats, diaper cream, soft soap, etc.

Now time for me to apply this list to my own benefit! 😉


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