Decluttering and Clearing Your Mind

I’ve noticed that, when I want to think better, it helps to have a decluttered area. I’ve known this for a long time, but sometimes we are treated to reminders about the connection between the clutter in our physical spaces and the clutter in our minds.

During my move, this has been especially apparent to me. Part of the reason that my husband and I have tried to put things away so quickly is due to the fact that we are having a hard time with the new home in disarray. In fact, we moved quickly to at least get the kitchen and the front room sorted, since it was driving us crazy to have the clutter everywhere. Not only has decluttering helped us get into the swing of things, but it’s also helped us settle in.


Less Clutter = Fewer Distractions

Whether it’s my desk or my kitchen, clutter means distractions. It’s distracting to have items sitting out, and it’s frustrating to have to climb over or move things. The more distractions you have, the harder it is to focus on your work and be productive. In fact, since we’ve cleared up the clutter in our new home, my productivity has skyrocketed. I’m getting a lot more done since we cleared things up. I feel better about the situation, and it’s easier for me to think.

It’s also helped my son. He started middle school recently, and it’s been tough, partly because he’s been distracted by all the clutter. We haven’t had a very cluttered home in a very long time. But, now that we at least have the common areas squared away, he can work on his homework at a clutter-free table in a clutter-free environment. It’s worked wonders for his attitude and his concentration.

Boosting Your Attitude By Decluttering

We’ve got better attitudes as well. With the whole area opened up because we’ve put things away, it’s been a real help in terms of allowing us to feel as though we have plenty of space to move (and to live) in. It’s been a big help.

Getting rid of the clutter just helps you feel good. In fact, once we got the front areas arranged, it became possible to declutter at night. This is a big help, since it really helps the mental states of everyone in the family to wake up to a clean, spacious area. It’s refreshing (well, as refreshing as it can be before we’ve had any sort of breakfast or liquid stimulant).

Decluttering allows you to feel better about the world around you, and start the day in a better frame of mind. You really do have a mental connection to your physical space, and it makes sense to go back to that old saying about clear desks and clear minds. Clear up the clutter in your home, and it will be easier to focus on what needs to be done, pay attention to the essentials, and boost your general attitude.

How do you feel about clutter? Do matters improve when you get rid of it?

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